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Research & Learning Hub

Research guides - Finding company information

General information

Company overviews

Marketline Advantage – Overviews including SWOT analysis and deals.
Search company name, then 'Companies' tab.

Business Source Complete – Brief overviews as well as articles.
Company Information tab, then see 'Related information'.

Factiva - Overviews with a strong news component.
Select 'Company' under the 'Companies/Markets' tab.

Euromonitor - Passport – Company profiles in the consumer goods sector.
Click on 'Companies' tab.

Case studies

INSEAD research collection – Complete collections of INSEAD cases in the Research & Learning Hub. 
Search for cases in the R&L Hub Catalogue or INSEAD's cases website.

The Case Centre – To purchase business school cases worldwide. 
You must register first.

Business Source Complete – For informal cases from business journals. 
Search company name in CO field and then select the document type "Case study" or type "case studies" in the SU field.

Research & Learning Hub’s book collection – For published company histories.
Located in the HC100 section.

Research & Learning Hub’s book collection – Mini-cases in textbooks and other books.
Search tables of contents in the R&L Hub Catalogue using the keyword field, then click on the pdf to find relevant chapter.


Factiva – Most complete source for news worldwide, including dailies, weeklies and non-English sources. 
Use the company index for precision. Use the source index to select the title or type of source. - News from the Financial Times. 
Use the search box on the top right-hand corner. Refine using Advanced Search on the bottom left-hand corner. Requires a personal password.

Business Source Complete – For news from trade magazines as well as articles from practitioner/academic journals. 
Use the company index for precision. Use the cover story limit to focus on a feature article.

Workspace - Enter the company name > «News & Research» > «Company News » and «Events» > «Corporate Events».
Perform a general news search via the news monitor by using the command «News».

Company web sites – For news emanating from the companies themselves.
Check the investors section of the company's web site.


S&P Capital IQ – Best interface. Includes private companies. 
See Corporate Tree. Requires a personal password.

Ticker symbol <EQUITY> RELS <Go> for subsidiaries. In Research & Learning Hub only.

SWOT analysis

Marketline Advantage – The most up-to-date source for Marketline Advantage's SWOT analysis.
Search company name, then 'Companies'.

Company SWOTs in Business Source Complete - For SWOT analysis from Marketline Advantage.

Company identifiers

Company Identifiers guide - How to upload/download company identifiers in order to merge data sets.

Yahoo Finance Symbol Lookup – Easy-to-use source for finding ticker symbols.

Corporate information – To find the meaning of national company extensions (plc, ltd, inc, SA etc.) and security identifiers. 

Financial information

Company overviews - financial

Workspace - Overviews with a financial focus. Includes private companies. Search by company name and see the default overview page.

S&P Capital IQ – Best interface. Overviews with a financial focus. Includes private companies.
Default tearsheet or CIQ report. Requires a personal password.

Financial accounts, including key ratios, income statement, balance sheet and cash flow

S&P Capital IQ – Best interface and most historical data. Includes private companies. 
See 'Financials'. Requires a personal password.

Workspace - Enter company name, then see 'Financials'

Factiva – Quick source for viewing recent data (5 years).
Select 'Company' under the Companies/markets tab, then 'Financial results' 
or 'Reports - Ratio comparison report'. - Quick source for viewing recent data (5 years).
Click on 'Markets', then 'Equities' under 'Markets Data'. Requires a personal password.

Peer comparisons

S&P Capital IQ - See 'Quick comps'. Requires a personal password.

Workspace - See "Peers & Valuation" for the company selected. Data available back to the 1980s, depending on the company.

Bloomberg - Ticker symbol + RV. In Research & Learning Hub only.


Segment data, including business line and geographic segments

S&P Capital IQ – Easiest to use. Includes private companies 
Financials/ Valuations > Segments. Requires a personal password.

Workspace – See 'Financials', then Segments

Equity data

S&P Capital IQ -
See 'Charting', then export to view data. Requires a personal password.

Workspace  – See 'Price & Charts'

Bloomberg – Good graphing capabilities (15 years).
Ticker symbol + <EQUITY> +GP. In Research & Learning Hub only.

Datastream via Workspace – Best for historical data (20 years) and for lists of companies.
Excel add-in: Time series request

Factiva – Quick source for viewing recent price charts (5 years). 
Select 'Quotes' under the Companies/markets tab - Interactive price charts for recent data (5 years). 
Click on 'Markets', then 'Equities' under 'Markets Data'. Requires a personal password. 


Bloomberg – For historical betas.
Ticker symbol + <EQUITY> + BETA. In library only.

See Price Performance under 'Prices & Charts'.

Datastream via Workspace – For combining beta and historical equity data.
Static request: <equity mnemonic> + BETA in datatype field

For betas by industry, see also :

Debt and credit ratings

S&P Capital IQ – For credit ratings via web.
Under Fixed Income. Requires a personal password.

Workspace – See Debt

Bloomberg – For historical credit ratings.
Ticker symbol + <EQUITY> + RSKC. In Research & Learning Hub only.

Deals, including M&A

S&P Capital IQ – Best interface. 
Screening > Transactions. Requires a personal password.

Workspace -  See Events, then Deals. Use DScreen to screen for Deals

SDC via Workspace – Most complete deals data: includes private equity, M&A, new issues, joint ventures. In Research & Learning Hub only.


S&P Capital IQ – Best interface. 
See Investors and Public ownership tabs. Requires a personal password.

Workspace - See Ownership Summary(see  guide)

Bloomberg – In Research & Learning Hub only 
Ticker symbol <EQUITY> PHDC <Go>. In Research & Learning Hub only.

Filings, including annual reports

S&P Capital IQ – Both SEC and annual reports.
Under News & Filings. Requires a personal password.

Workspace - Both real time and historical information across domestic and international company filings and reports.
Search for Advanced Filings or enter “ADVFIL” in the search box and select it from the results (see details)

Ticker symbol + + CF. In Research & Learning Hub only.

EDGAR SEC - For historical filings of US-listed companies.
Under Historical Edgar archives

Investment research

Broker Research by Workspace – Most complete source of investment research.
Search by company, industry or contributor.

EMIS - Emerging Markets Information Service – For emerging markets. Includes non-English sources.
Company > Company analysis

Business Source Complete - For transcripts of CEO and analyst interviews.
Publications: Wall Street Transcript

Conference Calls & Earning Call Transcripts

Use Search > Search Builder tab option.
Enter "Earnings call transcript" (include the quotation marks) in the search box.
Add other search terms and filters, such as company names, separated with "and".

S&P Capital IQ
Search for a company, and on the company's profile page, in the left navigation bar go to News, Events, & Filings > Transcripts.
OR use Companies tab > Company Intelligence, select Transcipts and use Filters if needed.

Type ADVRES in the searchbox at the top to open the app, type "Thomson Reuters StreetEvents" in the searchbox under Contributor and use other filters if needed.
OR type ADVEV in the searchbox at the top to open the app, enter "Events Date" and select "Earnings & Corporate" from the drop-down menu under "Events Type", use other filters if needed and then click on "Search" at the bottom of "Filters".