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Gain insights into our Open and Customised Programmes by watching videos featuring our corporate partners and past participants, and discover our faculty's perspective and thought leadership on key business challenges. 

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INSEAD Open Online Programmes


Experience Virtual Reality at INSEAD

INSEAD Executive Education brand videos

INSEAD | Coaching in a Business Environment

INSEAD Participant Journey, Mickael Melaye, INSEAD Coaching Certificate

INSEAD Participant Journey, Ana Lucia Caltabiano, INSEAD Coaching Certificate


INSEAD Participant Journey: Jim Strang, Advanced Management Programme

INSEAD Participant Journey: Saloua Essalhi, Management Acceleration Programme

Participant Journeys : Clay Siemsen, Transition to General Management

INSEAD Participant Journey: Julia Darvill, Transition to General Management

INSEAD Participant Journey: Nick Kennedy, Management Acceleration Programme

INSEAD Participant Journey: Manuel Pincetti, Management Acceleration Programme

INSEAD Participant Journey: Nancy Le Bosquain, Management Acceleration Programme


INSEAD Participant Journey: Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice

INSEAD AVIRA: Awareness, Vision, Imagination, Role, Action

INSEAD Participant Journey: Jacco Jacobs, The Leadership Transition Programme

INSEAD Participant Journey: Interview with Natalia Vodianova

Digital Transformation & Innovation

INSEAD Participant Journey: Fabio Tiviti, Business Strategy and Financial Performance

INSEAD Leadership Communication with Impact - Online

Online Programmes

Circularity: What does it mean for business?

Sustainability: A unique business disruptor

Business Sustainability

How do you reject ideas? | INSEAD Executive Education

Do you listen to the contrarian? | INSEAD Executive Education

Learning by Participating | INSEAD Executive Education

Family Business: the problem of succession | INSEAD Executive Education

Crowdsourcing: the importance of reacting to ideas | INSEAD Executive Education

Evaluating Suppliers | INSEAD Executive Education

Entrepreneurship & Family Business

AI: Is Data Enough? | INSEAD Executive Education

Take Advantage of AI | INSEAD Executive Education

Is Big Tech Taking Over? | INSEAD Executive Education

Has the Digital Revolution Gone Global? | INSEAD Executive Education

How Technology Improves Business Process | INSEAD Executive Education

The New Opportunities of Technology | INSEAD Executive Education

Unintended Consequences of Technology | INSEAD Executive Education

Hybrid Business Models | INSEAD

The Importance of Platforms | INSEAD

Managing Your Digital Transformation Journey | INSEAD

Partnerships and Digital Transformation | INSEAD

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Using Body Language | INSEAD Executive Education

Effective Negotiation | INSEAD Executive Education

Master Political Acumen | INSEAD Executive Education

The Importance of Communication | INSEAD


What is Leadership? | INSEAD

Leading Diverse Teams | INSEAD

Leading Informal Teams | INSEAD

The xCHANGE simulation | INSEAD

The Value of Values in Leadership | INSEAD

Making the Most of Leadership Development | INSEAD

Managing Your Partnership Network | INSEAD

Why Use Simulations? | INSEAD

How Do You Learn Leadership and Management? | INSEAD


The Diabolic Loop | INSEAD Executive Education

Finance or ESG: Can we have both? | INSEAD Executive Education

How fintech can create financial inclusion | INSEAD Executive Education


INSEAD | Avolon Leadership Programmes: Participant Perspectives

INSEAD | Avolon Leadership Programmes

INSEAD | Transforming Schneider Leadership

INSEAD | Developing Al Tayer’s leaders through partnership

INSEAD | Generali Gourp Customised Programmes

INSEAD | Accenture Customised Online Programmes

INSEAD | Leading the Business of Sustainability

INSEAD | Metinvest Customised Programmes

INSEAD | Microsoft Customised Online Programmes

INSEAD | Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust partnership

INSEAD | Customised Programme and ABN AMRO

INSEAD | Building Executive Education in the Middle East

INSEAD | National Ambulance: Helping with Rapid Growth

INSEAD-MIRVAC: Fostering Innovation and Sharpening Strategic Skills

Corporate Partner Case Studies & Participant Experiences

Advanced Management Programme - giving senior executives the space the develop and grow

INSEAD Transition to General Management Programme

Management Acceleration Programme

General Management

INSEAD | Aspiring Directors Programme

INSEAD International Directors Programme

INSEAD Leading from the Chair Programme

INSEAD Value Creation for Owners and Directors Programme

Corporate Governance

INSEAD AVIRA: Awareness, Vision, Imagination, Role, Action

The Challenge of Leadership | INSEAD

INSEAD LEAP: Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice Programme

Top Management

INSEAD | The Leadership Transition

INSEAD Women Leaders Programme

INSEAD Leading for Results Programme

INSEAD Learning to Lead Programme

INSEAD Leading Successful Change Programme

INSEAD High Impact Leadership Programme

Leadership & Management

INSEAD Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation Programme

INSEAD Innovation by Design Programme

Digital Transformation & Innovation

INSEAD Competitive Strategy Programme

Strategy Execution Programme

INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Programme

INSEAD Managing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances Programme

INSEAD M&As and Corporate Strategy programme


INSEAD Strategic Management in Banking Programme


INSEAD B2B Marketing Strategies Programme

INSEAD Leading Digital Marketing Strategies Programme

INSEAD Negotiation Dynamics Programme

INSEAD Strategic Marketing Programme

Marketing & Sales

INSEAD Supply Chain Management Programme

R&D and Operations Management

The Diabolic Loop | INSEAD Executive Education

INSEAD The Family Enterprise Challenge Programme

Entrepreneurship & Family Business

Product Management Executive Programme Trailer

INSEAD Leadership Programme for Senior Indian Executives

Partner Programmes

INSEAD Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption Programme

INSEAD Participant Journey: Fabio Tiviti, Business Strategy and Financial Performance

INSEAD Gender Diversity Programme

Online Programmes

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