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INSEAD CMO Severine Guilloux sat down with alumnae to explore their stories in a series of inspiring fireside chats. Though they hail from different cultures, countries and generations, each story is both familiar and unique.

Balancing family and work life on the Advanced Management Programme


For Maiza Goulart, being able to balance family life with work life is a top priority. When it comes to her commitment to learning, it is no different. Taken into a programme bubble of 4 weeks on the Advanced Management Programme, Maiza had to balance bringing her daughter to France from Brazil and committing her time and energy to the INSEAD learning.

Thankfully, she found at INSEAD a very inclusive environment which allowed her to divide her time between developing my career and participating in her daughter's growth.

This podcast is part of Ambition Has No Gender - Stories of Vulnerability And Courage.

Am I Good Enough? Re-thinking Imposter Syndrome in Women


Feelings of insecurity at work and the nagging worry that we are not quite as smart, informed or competent enough as we ought to be or as others might think are familiar to most of us, irrespective of our gender. However, there is a perception that feelings of insecurity are more prevalent in women. In addition, feelings of self-doubt are often seen as a personal failing, leading individuals to turn inward in an attempt to overcome them. 

However, there’s actually plenty of evidence that insecurity is a social problem - a rational reaction to cues from our environment. When understood this way, in order to overcome our insecurities we need to reach outward, forging more authentic connections with those around us.