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Master Programmes

Participants of the INSEAD Executive Master in Change

Executive Master in Change

A unique programme that will take you deep into the basic drivers of human behaviour and the hidden dynamics of organisations.

At a Glance
18 Months
8 on-campus modules of 3 to 4 days each (incl. weekend)
Two intakes
March 2025 in France
September 2025 in Singapore

Relevant and Rigorous

The Executive Master in Change (EMC) programme is developed and designed in collaboration with industry leaders and supported by leading companies in technology, banking and consulting. This continued business input ensures an integration between management practice and intellectual rigour.


EMC Curriculum

Meet the Programme Directors

Course Curriculum

The programme consists of eight on-campus modules of three to four days each (including a weekend). In addition, participants will also have a total of 60 hours of “practicum” (various experiences designed to apply the course content and bring the clinical perspective alive) in between modules as well as written work, readings and group calls. The programme concludes with a Master Thesis.

Programme Schedule

 Start dateEnd DateLength
Module 15 March 20258 March 20254 days
Module 28 May 202510 May 20253 days
Module 3*2 July 20255 July 20254 days
Module 4*17 September 202520 September 20254 days
Module 53 December 20256 December 20254 days
Module 65 February 20267 February 20263 days
Module 7*8 April 202611 April 20264 days
Module 824 June 202627 June 20264 days

*Includes Practicum

Please note that all dates are subject to change.

Please refer to the Admissions Page for the latest application deadlines

 Start dateEnd DateLength
Module 125 September 202528 September 20254 days
Module 27 November 20259 November 20253 days
Module 3*22 January 202625 January 20264 days
Module 4*26 March 202629 March 20264 days
Module 511 June 202614 June 20264 days
Module 611 September 202613 September 20263 days
Module 7*29 October 20261 November 20264 days
Module 87 January 202710 January 20274 days

*Includes Practicum

Please note that all dates are subject to change.

Please refer to the Admissions Page for the latest application deadlines

Learning Methodology


The term “clinical” simply implies that real-life situations are examined – as opposed to “theoretical” knowledge. All of the programme’s learning is derived from real life or can be applied to it.

The main premises are:

  • Much of what happens to us is beyond conscious awareness
  • The past is the lens through which we can understand the present and shape the future
  • Nothing is more central to who we are than the way we express and regulate emotions
  • We all have blind spots – and others can help us to see them more clearly.

At INSEAD you will be in a classroom with peers from all over the world, who will bring a rich set of perspectives to bear on the challenges you face.

The programme is designed to provide a safe, reflective transitional space, where you can step back, gain perspective and even experiment with yourself. You will explore deeply emotional topics and be asked to share in a way perhaps never experienced before, but you will always feel protected – and you will also laugh as you learn.


The class is closely supervised by two programme directors who are both present for every session – teaching, facilitating or containing the learning.

Much of the learning takes place in small groups, which provide a framework for peer coaching. Each director looks after three groups, whose members are shuffled at various points during the programme.


The academic content of the programme is delivered through a variety of methods:

  • Recommended reading
  • Lectures from world experts
  • Masterclasses
  • 360-degree feedback instruments
  • Simulation exercises
  • Discussion sessions and group work

However, unlike most business school programmes, there are no case studies of external situations. Instead, participants are themselves invited to act as “live case studies”, but only if they wish.