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Executive Education

Virtual Reality Customised for Executive Education

Experiential, Immersive, Innovative Learning via Virtual Reality at INSEAD

Virtual reality brings immersive learning experiences which allow the user to learn at a much faster rate than when reading. The visual and audio elements increases the engagement with and memory of the information. With the guidance of a professor, a headset is all the participant needs to be fully engaged with the piece of content. The feeling of full immersion into the situation on screen, with a 360 degree view of the space the user can view the whole setting simply by moving their head around. A remote control is available for the user to interact with the video, including answers questions or deciding a the outcome of a scenario. This advanced technology gives great benefit to both the user and professor, as they receive real-time data on user interactions and responses to the learning, allowing for feedback at an individual and group level.


For more information about the VR Immersive Learning Initiative click here.


"INSEAD is a pioneer in VR, and as a school that has always been leading in terms of simulations and bringing new tools into the classroom, we believe that the next step is virtual reality". 

Ithai Stern, Associate Professor of Strategy at INSEAD. Watch as Professor Stern leads attendees of INSEAD's Future Ready HR Summit in Singapore, through two virtual reality case studies.

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