Our Vision and Mission

Vision: The INSEAD Immersive Learning Initiative will be the most advanced centre globally, pioneering new approaches to learning and research for management and business. The Initiative will support INSEAD’s vision to bring together people, cultures and ideas, and use immersive experiences to develop responsible leaders who transform business and society.

Mission: The initiative will create a new way of learning by combining a set of complementary capabilities using VR and XR EdTech solutions: immersive pedagogical methods, content development, media production, teaching and research excellence, and global distribution.

Strategic pillars: 

  1. Create a new VR content for Executive Development Programs and Degree Programs.
  2. Engage faculty and PDs in immersive learning.
  3. Pioneer VR as a behavioural lab for analytics and research.
  4. Contribute to the local and global XR EDTech ecosystem.
  5. Support Executive Development Programs and Degree Programs to attract leaners to the ME Campus.
  6. Create ecosystem of complements for seamless delivery.
  7. Develop novel XR EDTech applications.

The VR Immersive Learning Initiative is supported by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge.

VR for Management and Business Education


Why Learn in Virtual Reality?

Explore VR at the ME Campus in Abu Dhabi

INSEAD – The Immersive Journey

Why Immersive Learning?


Multisensory & Engaging

  • Effective – Learning by Doing
  • Strong sense of presence
  • Impact – perspective taking
  • Undivided Attention


  • Creates new value
  • Cost effective
  • Unique user experience
  • Solution for COVID & sustainability concerns

Analytics and Personalization

  • Data driven learning
  • Records implicit measures (gaze, timing, strategy)
  • Immediate feedback
  • Effective data collection for research


  • Cascading knowledge
  • Asynchronous capabilities
  • Addressing universal dilemmas
  • Democratization of knowledge & learning

Core Team


Ithai Stern

Academic Director, VR Immersive Learning Initiative

Associate Professor of Strategy

The Akzo Nobel Fellow of Strategic Management


Daniel Landau

Media Production, Technology Development, Analytics & Research



Alon Epstein

Content Development



Florian Schloderer

Ecosystem Development


Dezma Dsouza



Internal Resources

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