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In today’s volatile business environment, organisations need board members with the expertise to guide them towards sustainable value creation. As a leading educational player on the global business stage, INSEAD is uniquely positioned to help directors hone their skills and enable more effective corporate governance in an increasingly fast-changing world. That’s why we offer two types of certification for directors – the Certificate in Corporate Governance and the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance. These two certificates complement each other: participants who obtain our Certificate in Corporate Governance can then attend a selection of INSEAD Open Enrolment Programmes to obtain the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance.

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INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance

This certificate offers directors an opportunity to prove – and improve – their effectiveness and excellence. The Certificate in Corporate Governance is designed to be a global credential for board members operating internationally. It aims to be the first of its kind offered by an academic institution, and underlines our desire to be a part of this educational area, complementing our activities in management education. Participants build on the skills and knowledge they acquired through successfully completing the International Directors Programme or the International Directors Banking Programme. Holders of the Certificate in Corporate Governance understand the foundations of corporate governance. Furthermore, the certificate attests to a director’s commitment to continuously develop their effectiveness and excellence.

INSEAD Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance

This advanced certificate is designed for holders of the Certificate in Corporate Governance who wish to further pursue their development across core competencies that are key to effective directorship. It provides participants with a personal development plan at board level over multiple years (up to a maximum of five years) that is both stimulating and engaging. Directors gradually master the different technical and leadership competences and skills needed in the boardroom, and become better equipped to address their duties and responsibilities. Directors can choose from a selection of INSEAD Open Enrolment Programmes that focus on key areas that bring value to the boardroom, including leadership, strategy and value creation. In addition, active board membership is required to be able to explore and demonstrate effective application of theory and concepts in practice. Holders of the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance convey confidence and authority in their professional circles.

How to obtain the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance


Complete the IDP-C or IDBP-C and attend at least three Open Programmes from a minimum of two different categories from the list below, over a five-year period.  As an alumni, holders of the IDP-C and IDBP-C are eligible to a 30% reduction off the cost of our Open Programmes.


INSEAD Alumni Community


Successful completion of the certificates enables participants to become a part of the INSEAD alumni community (currently 53,000 alumni worldwide). Within this community, participants become a part of an international network of senior peer directors (IDP-C and IDBP-C), who stay connected with INSEAD and its faculty for continuous exchange on research and best practice.

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre


The INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre manages the Certificate in Corporate Governance. If you have any questions related to our certificate, programmes or application procedure, please visit the Corporate Governance Centre website or email corporate.governance@insead.edu.

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