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Our Vision and Mission


In a rapidly changing business environment disrupted by increased regulatory reforms, digitalisation, societal demands, capital markets and geopolitical shifts, much of the pressure and scrutiny is putting boards under the spotlight. The INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre (ICGC) has been actively engaged in making a distinctive contribution to the knowledge and practice of corporate governance. Our vision is to be the leading centre for research, innovation and impact in the area of corporate governance globally. Through our educational portfolio and advocacy in fostering sustainable high-performance governance practices, the ICGC hopes to build greater trust within the public and stakeholder communities, so that businesses today are a strong force for improvement, not only of economic markets but also for the global societal environment. 

The ICGC combines INSEAD’s institutional visibility and exceptional faculty in developing thought leadership and a global educational platform in the area of corporate governance. The centre’s mission is to develop world-class teaching content, promote latest research using innovative scholarly materials and enrich public discourse on corporate governance through forums, conferences, peer-to-peer exchange and expert-to-practitioner dialogue.

Our activities harness INSEAD’s expertise in multiple disciplines across areas such as strategy, risk-management, decision making, finance, economics, family governance and corporate social responsibility for in-depth insights and sustainable responses to the challenges facing directors in today’s increasingly complex and volatile environment. The ICGC brings an unmatched international viewpoint to its activities thanks to INSEAD’s position as The Business School for the World, with its footprint across the Europe, Asia, and Middle East campuses.

Annet Aris
Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy
Academic Director, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre

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Corporate Governance Expertise at INSEAD



The INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre is grateful to our international partners for their collaboration and engagement in supporting our mission. 


Governance outlook


INSEAD webinar series


The ICGC has partnered with the INSEAD Alumni Association Lifelong Learning and our external partners to produce a number of webinars focused on boards and governance. We invite you to follow the links below to view the recordings or click here to view the full collection of past webinars on wide ranging topics presented by our world-class faculty, diverse global leaders and INSEAD alumni.

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About Us



Annet Aris

Academic Director
Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy

Sonia Tatar

Executive Director
Europe Campus

Fabienne Chemin

Operations Manager
Europe Campus


Ivy Ng

Asia Campus

Margy Fuller

Programme Advisor, Corporate Governance
Europe Campus

ICGC Network

  • INSEAD Director's Network (IDN)

The INSEAD Directors' Network (IDN) is driven by alumni of the INSEAD International Directors Programme (IDP).

"Navigating governance in today's disruptive and uncertain environment whilst achieving the objectives of an organisation requires directors to hold the highest standards of acumen, governance and integrity.  It also demands high EQ, financial understanding, and the ability through an ESG lens to see opportunities and risks across multiple time horizons.  As a director, I find these demands both energising and challenging. This is why I turn to the INSEAD Centre for Corporate Governance for world-class director education and development, and to the INSEAD International Directors Network for global peer-to-peer exchange and continuous learning." 

Helen Wiseman, IDP-C, 
President of INSEAD Directors Network

Board members
New international board appointments
Webinars a year

IN-BOARD is a by alumni for alumni initiative which started 10 years ago and currently runs in six countries. It consists of a three day programme at INSEAD and six national modules organised by professional service firms (accounting, legal, strategy, HR, etc).The aim is to prepare INSEAD alumni for non-executive board positions.

“There is a growing need for non-executives in large corporates as well as in smaller companies, hospitals, schools and non-for-profit institutions. The INSEAD alumni have a wealth of experience in a great variety of industries. IN-BOARD is building on this solid base by offering an educational programme and by sharing continued development through Masterclasses and Governance Labs. Herewith we create a great community of experienced professionals.”

Peter Nientker, MBA’87
President of IN-BOARD Netherlands

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  • INSEAD Alumni Association

The INSEAD alumni network is robust, diverse and globally connected to an extent few institutions can boast. With more than 62,000 alumni distributed across 177 countries with 167 nationalities, our alumni are citizens of the world, who understand how to balance local and global perspectives, and have “experienced the world as it ought to be” as one graduate said.

"An active alumni association not only helps to keep the alumni energised and engaged but also contributes tremendously to the positive branding of INSEAD. Through our activities, we not only get a chance to showcase the achievements of our members but also demonstrate our deep bonding with the institution. And nothing succeeds like success. The success of the alumni boosts the reputation of the school, while in turn the success of the school enables the alumni to bask in its reflected glory. Having a strong and active alumni network is a win-win for all.” 

Sadia Khan, MBA'95D, IDP-C
Former President, INSEAD Alumni Association
CEO, Selar Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd

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ICGC Contributing Faculty


José-Luis Alvarez

Senior Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour
Executive power and roles, board dynamics

Philip Anderson

Professor of Entrepreneurship
The INSEAD Alumni Fund Chaired Professor of Entrepreneurship
Venture capital, innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship

Annet Aris

Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy
Nomination, remuneration, corporate strategy, gender diversity on boards, digital


Morten Bennedsen

Visiting Professor of Economics
Governance of family business, economics of family

Daniel A. Bens

Professor of Accounting and Control
Financial reporting, earnings management

Christine Blondel

Family business


Fares Boulos

Affiliated Professor of Practice in Strategy
Board process, values and strategies

Laurence Capron

Professor of Strategy
The Paul Desmarais Chaired Professor of Partnership and Active Ownership
The Sauvage Family Endowed Chair for Academic Excellence
Mergers and acquisitions

Randel Carlock

Emeritus Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
The Berghmans Lhoist Chaired Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership, Emertitus
Governance of family business, psychology approach


Gavin Cassar

Professor of Accounting and Control
Risk management, hedge funds

Guoli Chen

Professor of Strategy
CEO succession

Karel Cool

Professor of Strategic Management
British Petroleum Fellow
The BP Chaired Professor of European Competitiveness
Competitive strategy


Henri-Claude de Bettignies

Emeritus Professor of Asian Business
The Aviva Chair in Leadership and Responsibility, Emeritus
Corporate reputation, crisises and media strategies

Jean Dermine

Professor of Banking and Finance
Banking, asset & liability management, risk, value creation

Enrico Diecidue

Professor of Decision Sciences
Decision making in the boardroom


Yves Doz

Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management
The Solvay Chaired Professor of Technological Innovation, Emeritus
Goal setting, CEO evaluation, strategy and partnerships

Theodoros Evgeniou

Professor of Decision Sciences and Technology Management
Data Analytics, business intelligence, data mining

Lily Fang

Dean of Research
Professor of Finance
The AXA Chaired Professor in Financial Market Risk
Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Alternative Investments


Anil Gaba

Professor of Decision Sciences
The Orpar Chaired Professor of Risk Management
Judgement under uncertainty, risk and environment

Maria Guadalupe

Professor of Economics
The Goltz Fellowship in Business
and Society INSEAD

Pierre Hillion

Professor of Finance
The de Picciotto Chaired Professor of Alternative Investments
Executive decision making, behavioural economics, fraud and corruption


Neil Jones

Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy
Strategic management for members of boards

Natalia Karelaia

Associate Professor of Decision Sciences
Academic Director, INSEAD Gender Initiative
Behavioural Decision Making, Prosocial Behaviour, Unethical Behaviour, Leadership, Self-Identity, Gender, Negotiations

Thomas Keusch

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Control
Corporate governance, shareholder activism and risk management


Zoe Kinias

Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour
Academic Director, INSEAD Gender Initiative
Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity, Resiliency Bolstering Interventions: Bias reduction, motivation, and performance

Ilze Kivleniece

Assistant Professor of Strategy
Firm boundaries, hybrid organisations and innovation organisational design, public-private and cross-sector collaboration

Jean-Claude Larreche

Emeritus Professor of Marketing
Alfred H. Heineken Chaired Professor of Marketing, Emeritus
Innovation and growth, strategy


Marc Le Menestrel

Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences
Ethics, sustainability, corporate governance

Rose Luo

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
Rudolf & Valeria Maag Professorship
Corporate strategy, family firms, CSR

Juan Ma

Assistant Professor of Strategy
Corruption and institutional distrust, global strategy


Massimo Massa

Professor of Finance
The Rothschild Chaired Professor of Banking
Mutual funds, family funds, M&As, risk management, value creation,
ownership structure

Erin Meyer

Professor of Management Practice
Culture, behaviour and decision-making

Ivana Naumovska

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
Sociological dynamics in financial markets, corporate misconduct, diffusion of practices, reverse mergers and special purpose acquisition companies


Urs Peyer

Dean of Degree Programs
Associate Professor of Finance
Board performance and executive remuneration

Simone-Eva Redrupp

Adjunct Faculty,
Corporate Culture

Tim Rowley

Visiting Scholar, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre
Board process, strategy and best practices


Jose Santos

Affiliated Professor of Practice in Global Management
Global strategy

Stanislav Shekshnia

Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
Governance in eastern Europe, board succession, leadership

Andrew Shipilov

Professor of Strategy
The John H. Loudon Chaired Professor of International Management
Innovation and growth, Strategy


N. Craig Smith

Affiliate Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility
The INSEAD Chaired Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility
Ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Kaisa Snellman

Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour
Organisational Theory, Power and Politics

Ithai Stern

Associate Professor of Strategy
The Akzo Nobel Fellow of Strategic Management


Gabriel Szulanski

Professor of Strategy

Lucie Tepla

Senior Affiliate Professor of Finance
Corporate Financial Policy, Derivatives, Financial Economics, Credit Derivatives, Structured Credit, Carbon Markets

Ludo Van der Heyden

Emeritus Professor of Technology and Operations Management
The INSEAD Chaired Professor of Corporate Governance
Fair process, family business, business models


Erik van der Loo

Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour
Governance and leadership, corporate culture

Jaap Winter*

Visiting Scholar, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre
Legal responsibilities of directors, board roles and context

Michael A. Witt

Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy and International Business
International business and strategy


David Young

Professor of Accounting and Control
Executive remuneration, financial accounting and reporting

Claudia Zeisberger

Senior Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, Academic Director, Global Private Equity Initiative
Private Equity & Venture Capital, Corporate Turnaround & Restructuring, Risk Management



Ron Soonieus

Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group
Director in Residence, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre
Executive in Residence, Ethics and Social Responsibility Initiative (ESRI)




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