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EE - Building the Case

Taking an Executive Education programme is an important investment in your development. As a participant, you want to attend the most suitable programme with the greatest impact – and your company needs to view it as an investment worth making. Therefore, you sometimes need to build a ‘business case’ to outline clearly why the programme is appropriate. You may need to demonstrate the value and benefits of INSEAD’s Executive Education programmes for your organisation, your department, your team and yourself.


Think about who you will need to speak with in your organisation when building your case. Usually, these will be decision makers, such as your manager(s) and budget holders. If applying through your employer, you will need a "sponsor" from the organisation to sign your application.

Consider what will you gain from attending an INSEAD Executive Education programme, from both a personal and a professional point of view. How will the programme help you improve your performance and that of your team?

Perhaps the programme will prepare you for new responsibilities. If so, how? Think too about the specific areas it will help you with and the challenges or needs it will address. Also highlight the fact you will benefit from faculty who are leaders in their fields – and from a diverse group of participants who will offer both new knowledge and different perspectives.


Why attend an Executive Education programme at INSEAD, rather than anywhere else?

Highlight INSEAD's quality - as a leading international business school and home to world-class faculty, with reputations for outstanding research and thought leadership. Emphasise the international and diverse environment you will be immersed in and how this will bring value to yourself and to the company. Highlight also the global networking opportunities available and the opportunity to learn from the different cultural perspectives of the other participants.

Also emphasise that there is a selection process before you are admitted (or not) onto an INSEAD Executive Education programme. This ensures that each class has the best possible participants - and this in turn provides a stimulating and intellectually rewarding environment.

How does the programme fit with the needs of your business and what can your organisation expect as a return on its investment in your participation?

When building your case, outline how attending an Executive Education programme at INSEAD will help meet the key challenges and concerns of your specific area of business. Also demonstrate the specific business issues the programme covers and how it will help you address these. Emphasise that our Executive Education programmes are designed to make a business impact as soon as you return to the workplace, allowing you and your organisation to benefit clearly both in the short-, and long term.

Who should I contact for help and further information?

Programme Advisors are available to discuss the various programmes on offer and which options would best suit your career development plans. They will cover the programme content and benefits of attending a programme so that you have all the knowledge you need to make your case.

Where can I find further information?

A variety of information is available to help you make your case:

  1. Testimonials: Find out what each programme is like from the participant’s perspective by reading one of our many online testimonials
  2. Videos: Watch our videos to hear from programme directors and faculty
  3. Programme pages: Browse our individual programme pages, where you will also be able to download the full brochures
  4. Social media: Visit our social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn to get the latest updates from INSEAD Executive Education

If you cannot find everthing you need, you can speak direclty with the Programme Advisor to ensure you have all the information at your disposal to make a convincing case.