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Telenor- INSEAD EFMD Case Study

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Background to the partnership

How do you turn one of the world’s oldest and largest telecoms companies into an agile, innovative, customer-focused digital services provider? Even more challenging, how do you align 13 autonomous business units across Europe and Asia to deliver this new strategy – and create a new culture of innovation for 36,000 employees?

One of Telenor’s solutions was to approach INSEAD, and Professor Nathan Furr, author of the bestselling Innovator’s Method. Together, INSEAD and the company’s executive development team devised an ingenious combination of on-campus and online programmes, held throughout 2016. First, 180 C-suite executives were immersed in the tools and concepts of the Innovator’s Method during five iterations of a four-day face-to-face programme. Then the learning was cascaded down to some 1,200 members of the next management level through bite-sized, interactive online activities and social-media style networking.

Exceeding expectations at every stage

Global reach

2,700+ sales executives


85% Net Promoter Score


90% completion rates for the online modules

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The Telenor-INSEAD Customised Online Programme Case Study won the following award in 2017:

  • GOLD in the category of Organisational Development, EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards
    To learn more about the award, please click here.


Read the case study