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The key to personal development is self-awareness. This can be achieved through a range of 360-degree feedback instruments, personality inventories, structured assessments, and group and individual feedback. Executives gain a rich understanding of themselves through these diverse sources of information. The summary of all the ‘data points’ collected creates an image of how the person is seen today. Depending on the individual’s situation, the possibility of change is discussed and translated into actionable behaviours that would increase the effectiveness — and wellbeing — of the participant. Who benefits from this process? First of all the individual, as well as the team around them, and ultimately, the organisation.

Group Coaching


This powerful technique was pioneered at INSEAD and our deep expertise in this approach remains our specialty. It involves a group of 5 to 6 participants working with a highly trained coach who understands and makes sense of their current situation. Through various exercises, participants develop a deep insight into each other’s personal and professional situations, analysing the results of the 360-degree exercises and giving each other direct and personal feedback. Participants are often surprised by the personal impact this process has on them.

At the end of the session, each participant develops their own personal development plan.

Leadership in Action


Participants have a chance to express themselves in a group context, reflect on their behaviour and its consequences, and experiment with different strategies and actions. The coaching groups experience various situations that require setting a strategy, aligning objectives, planning, distributing roles, controlling processes and execution. The groups result and the behaviour of individuals within the group will be examined after each exercise.

Participants learn much about each other and themselves in a real life situation. The process is facilitated by the coach, who sets up structured, honest, fair and non-judgemental feedback.



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