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Negotiation and Conflict Management Collaborative

Teaching - Negotiation and Conflict Management Collaborative

The NCMC aims to serve as a vehicle for greater experimentation and faster dissemination of thought leadership, teaching outputs, and teaching innovation. It has produced negotiation and conflict management course platforms that you can consult here to easily onboard new faculty into teaching them. The NCMC invites faculty from different disciplines and schools to connect with us to share, improve, and innovate pedagogically.

The NCMC is a proud host of the award-winning "Negotiation for the World" project. 

Negotiation for The World

Welcome to "Negotiation Course for The World"! Our project is the materialisation of decades of work to help develop a more collaborative and harmonious global future. The Negotiation Course for the World is more than just negotiation; it is about transforming lives and creating a world where individuals, communities, and organizations can foster understanding or resolve conflicts to craft superior mutual-gain solutions together.

Through this platform, we provide professors and instructors access to world-class negotiation resources and knowledge that can make a real difference. Here you can find a wealth of free negotiation tools, courses, and educational materials, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their resources or location, can access and teach up-to-date, evidence-based negotiation in a confident, fun and interactive way. In time, we will be adding several train-the-trainer videos to help you teach all materials available, as well as translating them into several languages. Our goal is to empower individuals and institutions with the skills they need to efficiently navigate simple to complex negotiations, make informed decisions, and build lasting relationships.

Join us in this journey, download all you need, contact us with your questions, and in time contribute your lessons learned or materials for our constant improvement as we work towards a more peaceful and prosperous world through the art and science of negotiation.

VR Case: Spiral Flow

The NCMC worked with AVR to produce Spiral Flow, a cutting-edge negotiation case using VR technology. VR technology is quite unique as it immerses the student into the experience, brings them much closer to the action, including emotionally, and provides an individualized experience without interference from class peers. The instructor can use Spiral Flow in several different ways, for example, selecting if the students will follow one of two characters exclusively, or randomly allocate students among both characters that allows the students to experience how priming and taking on different roles deeply influence the positions and outcome in real life negotiations. Students also respond several multiple-choice questions along the way, while the professor get the results graphically in real time that allows for an immediate debrief of their answers. Given its modular format, different professors have already taught Spiral Flow in classes that lasted between 1 and 16hrs. At the end, the students are asked to submit a proposal on behalf of their character, and measure how well they learned throughout the whole experience.

Spiral Flow

Role Plays

This section will showcase our published role plays which seek to be realistic and they often do not rely on a points system. We believe that the point system, while great for quantification of negotiation outcomes and research results, can limit learning as it provides students with artificial knowledge and boundaries including unparalleled quantification about their payoffs, a sense of certainty over what issues are negotiable, and a limited scope for value creation. In time, we will also post a couple of resources on how to write and use role plays in the classroom. Watch this space. 

INSEAD Programmes on Negotiation

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