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Master Programmes

women in higher education

Master in Business Administration

Designed for early to mid-career professionals, this programme will develop your full potential and open doors to global career opportunities.

At a Glance
10 Months
Two Intakes
January and August
Starting Campus
France or Singapore

Elective Courses

Organisational Behaviour


This course explores the components of an effective negotiation and helps students to analyse their own behaviour in negotiations, to better develop optimal solutions to problems. At the end of the course, students will recognise, understand, and analyse essential concepts and processes of negotiation as they practise the techniques in a variety of settings. 

Leadership Communication Development Workshop

Leaders need to communicate at interpersonal and public levels – especially through speaking, listening, interacting, and behaviours. To be effective communicators, leaders are aware of themselves, others and the context in which they communicate. This 2-day course further explores the relationship between effective leadership and effective communication introduced in the Foundations of Leadership Communication course in P2.

Strategic Communication and Leadership

Designed to build on your “Leadership Communication Foundations” course from P2, this course explores the relationship between effective strategic leadership and effective strategic communication, and the principles of “insightful awareness” to enact strategic leadership in organisations and teams.


Power and Politics

Power can dramatically impact the way we think, feel and behave—in ways we do not expect. This course will illuminate the intrapersonal, psychophysiological, and interpersonal effects of power. Through understanding the psychology of power, you will learn practical and useful political skills that will help you navigate and manage power dynamics in organizations. This course includes conceptual models, tactical approaches, and simulation exercises to help you understand political dynamics as they unfold around you.

Psychological Issues in Management

The Psychological Issues in Management elective focuses on the psychological forces that influence the exercise of management and leadership. Its purpose is to enhance participants’ personal and professional ability to lead mindfully, effectively and responsibly in a range of contemporary workplaces. P.I.M. incorporates a significant reflective component, both individual and with others. It is best suited for those who view professional and personal lives as deeply intertwined, who view work as a potential source of personal meaning and fulfillment, and who aspire to do work that clarifies and reflects who they are.

Embracing Complex Change: Composing a Life in a Global Context

In this module, students will acquire skills to understand and articulate their personal journeys of development, and then prepare the next steps of career and personal change. Frameworks and class exercises are used throughout the course to encourage shared dialogue and enhance personal and interpersonal skill sets. These offer the possibility to deepen the understanding of oneself, others and relationships.