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About the Podcast Series

What are the personal journeys of leaders behind remarkable family businesses?

Enduring family businesses are more than just enterprises. They are the result of hard work, dedication, and a shared vision and values fostered through generations.

In this podcast series, we aim to shine a spotlight on some remarkable stories and the leaders behind them who are making a difference in family businesses.

Join our host & editor, Martin Roll, Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD, as he speaks to esteemed members of family business and leaders who will share their personal journeys of success but also in overcoming some of the common challenges faced by family businesses and the lessons they've learnt.

Topics will include women in family business leadership, governance, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, family office, business in society and more.

Episodes featuring Women Leadership in Family Business


Episode 1 Trailer: Introducing INSEAD Family Business Podcast 

In this episode, we will share why INSEAD Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise has embarked on this journey to create the new podcast series and the insights you can expect to glean from upcoming episodes focused on women in leadership within family enterprise. Tune in to find out more and subscribe to the podcast!

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IFB Podcast Sylvie Khau Thumbnail

Episode 2: Leading the Legacy Forward: Balancing the Past, Present and Future

Sylvie Khau is the third generation of her family enterprise L’Excellence Diamond which was founded in Cambodia in 1950. The company has a rich history, legacy, and unique heritage, encompassing all aspects of a precious gemstone’s journey: from gem mining, wholesale, to jewellery crafting in the tradition of fine French artisanship. Tune in as Sylvie shares her inspiring story with podcast editor & host Martin Roll, and discusses how to navigate generational transitions, adapt to changing business dynamics and embrace innovation to stay relevant. 

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Episode 3: Succeeding in a Family Business Coming from the Outside

Annette Brüls shares her inspiring story and discusses how to navigate the CEO leadership journey, manage board and business family relationships, and make strategic value-based choices in a dynamic industry to bring change and innovation. Annette has been a non-family CEO in a family business of Medela since 2018. Medela is a global medical device company from Switzerland founded in 1961 as a family company and now still family-owned with Michael Larsson, the founder’s son, as the chairman of the board. Annette Brüls also serves as a non-executive director on the board of Coloplast, a Danish medical device company.

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IFB Podcast Valentine Marie Barbier Mueller Thumbnail

Episode 4: Transition to Next-Gen: Rewriting the Rules of Succession

Marie and Valentine Barbier-Mueller are the third generation of their family enterprise Société Privée de Gérance which was founded in Geneva by their grandfather in 1960. Since 2023, Marie Barbier-Mueller and Valentine Barbier-Mueller have been co-leading the SPG Group based in Geneva embodying a family tradition while injecting a culture of innovation into the real estate realm. Tune in as they share their stories with podcast editor & host Martin Roll and episode guest host Alexandra Jequier from AvS Advisors on how to develop CEO leadership roles, manage board and business family relationships, work together as sisters, the role of female leaders, and how generation leaders can successfully prepare for their future journeys.

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IFB Podcast Valentine Lara Botta Thumbnail

Episode 5: Next-Gen Carving a Path into Sustainability and Renewal in Family Business

Lara Botta is the third generation of the family enterprise Botta EcoPackaging which was founded in Italy by her grandmother in 1947. For 3 generations, Botta EcoPackaging has been a major player in the packaging industry. The company has a rich history and legacy and offers a wide range of corrugated cardboard and similar products. The third generation is now represented by Lara Botta and her brother based in Milan, Italy. In this episode, we invite Lara to share her experience in navigating generational transitions, build valuable networks, drive sustainability and innovation in family business, and the role of women in leadership. 

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IFB Podcast Thumbnail Linda Wes

Episode 6: Navigating the Roles & Dynamics of a Multi-Family Business

Linda Wes shared about her journey in navigating generational transitions, working with private equity shareholders, balancing family dynamics & governance across family branches, and empowering women in leadership. Linda represents the 3rd generation of family firm Bons & Evers Group, which was founded by Linda's grandfather and 3 co-founders from another family in the Netherlands in 1949. For 3 generations, the company has been a player in the non-ferrous metals industry with a rich history and legacy. In 2019, the private equity firm, Bencis Capital Partners, acquired a stake in the company.

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Your Host and Editor

Martin Roll

Martin Roll

Distinguished Fellow, INSEAD Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise

Martin Roll is an experienced global business strategist, senior advisor and facilitator to Fortune 500 companies, Asian firms, family-owned businesses, and family offices. He advises clients on strategy, transformation, leadership, family business and family office topics. As the founder and CEO of Martin Roll Company, he brings with him more than 25 years of board and C-suite counselling experience. He is an advisor to several global boards and prominent business families, and a mentor for next-generation leaders in business families, start-ups and high-growth companies. Martin Roll is a Distinguished Fellow (family business) and an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD who has mentored 650+ Next Generations from global business families and family offices and runs a successful INSEAD Next Gen Mentoring Program for 100+ participants every year. Read more >