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Severine Tapie-Mulliez pic

Séverine Tapié-Mulliez

Former Secretary General of CREADEV, Board Member of METI (Mouvement des Entreprises de Taille Intermédiaire) and President of SMT Consulting

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After graduating from Paris-Dauphine University and SFAF (Société Française d’Analystes Financiers), Séverine TAPIE-MULLIEZ began her career in 1986 with a Stockbroker on financial markets and then moved onto UBS and CDC IXIS, where she was responsible for bond portfolio management and business development for international institutional clients.

In 2005, Séverine moved into Private Equity and joined CREADEV, the investment division of the Mulliez family, as an investor, member of the Executive Committee, where she was also in charge of Human Resources and Governance. As such, she has served on several supervisory boards of directors of B2B companies.

Alongside her professional activities, Séverine chaired the Finance Committee of the AFM (Association Familiale Mulliez) for 15 years and held director positions of AFM companies on B2C activities. She was an elected member of the Supervisory Board of the AFM for 10 years.

She now performs non-executive Board member assignments in family businesses with a focus on governance, succession and diversification issues.

Séverine is the proud mother of 3 children and regularly practices cycling.