02 April 2020

INSEAD research finds how much CEOs matter to firm performance

“Do CEOs matter?” has been a perennial question in management discourse. But “the CEO effect” has been notoriously difficult to isolate -- a moving target caught in the slipstream of dynamic forces that shape firm performance.

18 March 2020

INSEAD and African Leadership University partner to launch Strategic Leadership in Africa executive education

New partnership will deliver an executive education programme in 2020 aimed at helping leaders in Africa transform business and society.

15 March 2020

INSEAD Dean tested positive for COVID-19

Ilian Mihov in hospital isolation ward in Singapore per local government procedure for confirmed cases. 

28 February 2020

INSEAD inaugurates San Francisco Hub for Business Innovation

The school’s first location in North America opens a new chapter in its journey and solidifies its global presence. 

24 February 2020

INSEAD professors dominate The Case Centre’s Awards and Competitions 2020

INSEAD has received the highest number of awards of any school or institution globally at The Case Centre’s Awards and Competitions 2020. 

17 February 2020

INSEAD report shows how private equity is helping family firms unlock sustainable value

A new report The Institutionalization of Family Firms – Europe, by INSEAD Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI), examines the benefits of institutionalising European family-owned companies to ensure long-term value creation and growth. 

17 February 2020

A decade of excellence: INSEAD 10th Global Business Leaders Conference explores renewal and changes in uncertain times

Largest annual INSEAD event in the Middle East brought together more than 300 business and government leaders to discuss how to drive change for success through innovative approaches.  

31 January 2020

12 INSEAD cases emerge as The Case Centre’s best sellers in 2019

This is testament to the school’s continued dedication to providing pedagogical material relevant to contemporary business practices.

20 January 2020

INSEAD study reveals how to unlock the potential of France's workforce

INSEAD researchers find a new generation of French workers focused on improving their skills, achieving greater social impact and increasing diversity.

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