Career guide


Overall job search

  • 2-hour job search: using technology to get the right job faster, ZA13 .D35 2012
  • 50 Best jobs for your personality, ZA13 .F37 2012
  • Advanced LinkedIn: for your job search, business, and career, ZA13 .H45 2015
  • Career within you: how to find the perfect job for your personality, ZA13 .W34 2010
  • Comment trouver une situation et décrocher le job de vos rêves , ZA13 .P676 2014
  • Cracking the hidden job market, ZA13 .A74 2010
  • Cracking the new job market, ZA13 .H64 2012
  • Find a job through social networking, 2011
  • Guerrilla marketing for job hunters 3.0, ZA13 .L49 2011
  • Guide des professionnels du recrutement, ZA13.4 .G85 2018
  • How to build the ultimate LinkedIn profile in under an hour: boost your brand, attract recruiters, and find your next job, ZA13 .M333 2013
  • How to really use LinkedIn, ZA13 .V47 2011
  • How to write a killer LinkedIn profile… and 18 mistakes to avoid, ZA13 .B47 2015
  • Job search navigator: an expert's guide to getting hired, surviving layoffs, and building your career, ZA13 .D87 2016
  • Job search solution, 2012
  • Job searching with social media for dummies, 2013
  • Knock 'em dead: the ultimate job search guide, ZA13 .Y38 2017
  • Knock'em dead: social networking, ZA13 .Y384 2014 
  • LinkedIn for dummies, ZA13 .E53 2016
  • LinkedIn in one hour,   ZA13 .K466 2014
  • Power formula for LinkedIn success, ZA13 .B74 2011
  • The social media job search workbook: your step-by-step guide to finding work in the age of social media,   ZA13 .W35 2015                    
  • Social networking for career success, ZA13 .S35 2011
  • Ultimate job search, ZA13 .W55 2015
  • Use social media to find your dream job: how to use LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media in your job search,   ZA13 .Q85 2016
  • Wetfeet insider guide: networking works! ZA13 .N38 2008
  • What color is your parachute? : a practical manual for job hunters and career-changers, ZA13 .B65 2018
  • What color is your parachute guide to job-hunting online, ZA13 .B655 2011
  • See also online Country career guides
  • See also Vault online job search sources
  • See also MBA hiring trends in GMAC's Corporate Recruiters Survey

Job search by country

  • Britain's top employers, ZA13.2 .A C367 2009
  • Empresas top para trabajar (España), ZA13.2 .A C634 2008
  • Looking for work in... (see list of 35 countries), ZA11 + country code
  • Top Arbeitgeber Deutschland, ZA13.2 .A C633 2009
  • Top Arbeitgeber in der Schweiz, ZA13.2 .A C639 2009
  • Top employers France, ZA13.2 .A C636 2011
  • Top employers Italy, ZA13.2 .A C638 2009
  • Top employers Belgie - Belgique, ZA13.2 .A C632 2009
  • Top werkgevers Nederland, ZA13.2 .A C635 2009

Job search by sector


  • College2Consulting: complete insider's guide to the consulting recruitment process, ZA13.3 .C6 B46 2011
  • Consulting: le guide professionnel, ZA13.3 .C6 C64 2012
  • INSEAD consulting club handbook, ZA13.3 .C6 I67 2018
  • Management consultancy (Oxford Univ. Press), ZA13.3 .C6 O63 2010
  • Management consultants job hunting, ZA13.3 .C6 G53 2011
  • WetFeet guide: 25 Top consulting firms, ZA13.3 .C6 W49 2008
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in IT consulting, ZA13.3 .C6 W47 2011
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in management consulting, ZA13.3 .C6 W48 2011
  • WetFeet guide: McKinsey, ZA13.2 .M3 W48 2008
  • See also Consultancy reports in Marketline
  • See also Guide des cabinets de conseil en management in Doriot Library's book collection


  • Careers in financial markets, ZA13.3 .F5 C37 2014
  • Getting a job in hedge funds, ZA13.3 .F5 Z65 2008
  • Getting a job in private equity, ZA13.3 .V4 K67 2009
  • How to get a job on Wall Street, ZA13.3 .F5 H66 2012
  • How to get an equity research analyst job, ZA13.3 .F5 E53 2010
  • WetFeet guide: 25 Top financial services firms, ZA13.3 .F5 W48 2008
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in asset management, ZA13.3 .F5 C374 2011
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in investment banking, ZA13.3 .B3 W48 2011
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in venture capital, ZA13.3 .V4 W48 2011
  • WetFeet guide: Deutsche Bank, ZA13.2 .D48 W48 2008
  • WetFeet guide: Deutsche Bank in Asia, ZA13.2 .D48 W49 2008
  • WetFeet guide: Goldman Sachs, ZA13.2 .G6 W48 2008
  • WetFeet guide: Merrill Lynch, ZA13.2 .M47 W48 2008
  • Wetfeet guide: UBS AG, ZA13.2 .U3 W48 2008
  • See also the Financial Services reports in Marketline


  • Careers in marketing, ZA13.3 .M3 S73 2009
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in advertising & public relations, ZA13.3 .A3 W48 2011
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in brand management, ZA13.3 .M3 C37 2011
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in marketing, ZA13.3 .M3 W48 2011
  • See also the Advertising reports in Marketline


  • Careers in renewable energy, ZA13.3 .E68 M36 2014
  • Green collar jobs: environmental careers for the 21st century, ZA13.3 .E68 D45 2010
  • Profession and purpose: MBA careers in sustainability, ZA13.3 .E68 K76 2014
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in information technology, ZA13.3 .I8 W48 2011
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in non-profit, ZA13.3 .N6 W48 2012
  • WetFeet guide: Careers in pharmaceuticals, ZA13.3 .P4 W48 2011

​Executive search/ headhunting

  • Directory of executive & professional recruiters, ZA13.4 .D58 2011-12
  • Executive Grapevine: Directory of executive recruitment, int'l ed., ZA13.4 .E86 2010
  • Guide des conseils en recrutement, ZA13.4 .G85 2018

Cover letters & resumes

  • Cover letter book: how to write a winning cover letter that really gets noticed,   ZA14 .I66 2016
  • Cover letter magic, ZA14 .E64 2010
  • CV book: how to avoid the most common mistakes and write a winning CV,   ZA15 .I66 2016
  • CV en langue étrangère, ZA15 .L33 2011
  • Expert resumes for career changers, 2010
  • Expert resumes for managers and executives, ZA15 .E64 2012
  • Gallery of best cover letters, 2012
  • Gallery of best resumes, 2012
  • The Google résumé: [...] land a job at Apple, Microsoft, Google or any top tech company, ZA15 .M33 2011
  • Le grand livre de la lettre de motivation,  ZA14 .R37 2018
  • Great answers to tough CV problems, ZA15 .R64 2011
  • Guide du CV et de la lettre de motivation, ZA15 .P47 2014
  • How to write a stellar executive resume: 50 tips to reaching your job target ,  ZA15 .B47 2018
  • Knock’em dead cover letters, ZA14 .Y38 2010
  • Knock’em dead resumes, ZA15 .Y38 2010
  • La lettre de motivation, ZA14 .C37 2017
  • Objectif: des cvs hors frontières, ZA15 .B74 2011
  • Resume and cover letter phrase book, 2011
  • Resume magic, ZA15 .W455 2010
  • Top secret executive resumes, ZA15 .P76 2012
  • Ultimate cover letters: a guide to job search letters, online applications and follow-up strategies, ZA14 .Y39 2015
  • Ultimate CV: over 100 winning CVs, ZA15 .Y39 2012
  • Ultimate CV: trade secrets from a recruitment insider, ZA15 .M36 2010
  • Un CV réussi!, ZA15 .P37 2016
  • WetFeet guide: Killer cover letters & resumes, ZA15 .K53 2012
  • See also templates and sample CVs in various European languages

​Cover letters & resumes - by sector

  • WetFeet guide: Killer consulting resumes, ZA15 .K55 2008
  • WetFeet guide: Killer investment banking resumes, ZA15 .K54 2008


  • 101 great answers to the toughest interview questions,   ZA17 .F79 2016
  • 101 smart questions to ask on your interview, 2016
  • 201 Knockout answers to tough interview questions, ZA17 .M38 2010
  • Active interviewing, ZA17 .K72 2012
  • Best answers to the 201 most frequently asked interview questions, ZA17 .D44 2010
  • Brilliant psychometric tests, ZA17 .E34 2009
  • Complete personality assessment: psychometric tests, ZA17 .B375 2011
  • Entretien d'embauche en 202 questions, ZA17 .P67 2018
  • Le grand livre de l’entretien d’embauche,   ZA17 .R37 2018
  • Great answers to tough interview questions, ZA17 .Y68 2011
  • Guide des tests de recrutement, ZA17 .D85 2010
  • How to master psychometric tests : expert advice on test preparation with practice questions from leading test providers,   ZA17 .P38 2010
  • How to pass advanced aptitude tests, ZA17 .B37 2010
  • How to pass advanced numeracy tests
  • How to pass data interpretation tests, ZA17 .B78 2011
  • How to succeed at assessment centres, ZA17 .H68 2016
  • Interview book: how to prepare and perform at your best in any interview, ZA17 .I66 2016
  • Interview question and answer book: how to be ready to answer the 155 toughest interview questions,   ZA17 .I66 2016
  • Management level psychometric assessments, ZA17 .B77 2012
  • Powerful phrases for successful interviews, 2014
  • Psychology of job interviews,   ZA17 .R68 2017
  • Psychometric tests,   ZA17 .P79 2015
  • Successful psychometric testing in a week, ZA17 .L49 2012
  • Top-notch executive interviews, ZA17 .H36 2010
  • The ultimate guide to answering the toughest interview questions, ZA17 .B69 2017 
  • Ultimate psychometric tests, ZA17 .B79 2012
  • WetFeet guide: Ace your interview, ZA17 .A35 2012
  • Winning job interviews, ZA17 .P69 2010
  • You should hire me!, ZA17 .K74 2008

Interviews - by sector

  • 3 Days to a pharmaceutical sales job interview, ZA17.3 .P4 L36 2008
  • Best book on how to crack the case interview, ZA17.3 .C6 A47 2010
  • Ace the IT interview, ZA17.3 .I8 M67 2008
  • Case in point, 10th ed., ZA17.3 .C6 C67 2018
  • Case in point: graph analysis for consulting and case interviews,   ZA17.3 .C6 C67 2016
  • Case interview secrets, ZA17.3 .C6 C43 2012
  • Case interview success, ZA17.3 .C6 R63 2012
  • Crack the case, ZA17.3 .C6 O47 2015
  • Heard on the street: Wall Street job interviews, ZA17.3 .F5 C73 2012
  • How to get into the top consulting firms, ZA17.3 .C6 D37 2011
  • Mastering the case interview, ZA17.3 .C6 C45 2011 (8th ed.)
  • Navigating the maze, ZA17.3 .F5 N34 2012
  • Rise above the noise: how to stand out at the marketing interview,   ZA17.3 .M3 L56 2014
  • Technical interview guide to investment banking,   ZA17.3 .F5 P54 2017
  • WetFeet guide: Ace your case! ZA17.3 .C6 A34 2011 (5 vols)
  • WetFeet guide: Beat the street I, ZA17.3 .B3 W48 2011
  • WetFeet guide: Beat the street II, ZA17.3 .B3 W49 2011



  • Abu Dhabi residents' guide, ZC100.21 .U34 A38 2014
  • At home in Dubai, ZC100.21 .U34 O36 2011
  • Diary of an expat in Singapore,ZC100.44 .S5 G37 2013
  • Expat the easy way: live and work successfully whenever you are,   ZC100 .S45 2015
  • Le guide complet de l’expatriation,  ZC100 .B53 2015
  • Living and working in France,ZC100.63 .F7 H36 2012 
  • Living and working in India, ZC100.43 .I6 R36 2008
  • Living and working in the Gulf States & Saudi Arabia, ZC100.21 .U6 H84 2003
  • Preparing for your move abroad, ZC100.1 .H37 2012
  • Prices and earnings, ceased publication with the 2018 ed. online 
  • Working abroad, ZC100.1 .G65 2010
  • Worldwide personal tax and immigration guide,  ZC100.1 .G56 2017/18 
  • See also the cultural advice from Country Insights
  • See also cost of living by city from Numbeo
  • See also country profiles from Expatica, incl. cost of living
  • See also country tax guides from Deloitte and Ernst & Young

​Networking with Alumni

  • CV book, Latest: July 2018 (N.B. For use in the Research & Learning Hub only)
    See also the latest edition on
    Career Globe
  • EMBA CV book, Latest: 2016 (N.B. For use in the Research & Learning Hub only)
    See also the latest edition on
    Career Globe
  • Address book, 2016 (N.B. For use in the Research & Learning Hub only)
    See also the alumni directory via MyINSEAD on INSEAD ALUMNI 
  • INSEAD MBA Yearbook, Latest: 2018 July (N.B. For use in the Research & Learning Hub only)
    N.B. Dec. 2010 not available

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