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Can my partner use the Research & Learning Hub?

Partners of faculty, participants and staff can use our R&L Hubs free of charge; they just need to register in person at the Research & Learning Hub’s Information Desk.

Are INSEAD Research & Learning Hubs open to the public?

Access to the Hubs are restricted to INSEAD members. Please visit Access & Registration for important information. See also COVID-19 Updates.

What if I switch campuses?

You will have access to the same resources and services, whichever campus you’re on. Please be sure to return your books to your home R&L Hub before switching campuses.

Study Areas


Are there group study/meeting spaces in the Research & Learning Hubs?

The Doriot R&L Hub has about 100 seats at study tables and an additional 16 seats, located in each of the study lounges on the 1st and 2nd floor. In addition, group study space is available on the 2nd mezzanine level (Interview Suite) outside of On Campus Recruitment periods, during OCR, priority is given to interviews.

The Tanoto R&L Hub has close to a hundred personal study spaces and 16 open access computers.

The R&L Hub in Abu Dhabi has 30 seats and 2 open access computers.

R&L Hub Catalogue


How do I log in to the Catalogue?

You do not need to log in to the catalogue to search the Research & Learning Hubs’ collection, only to perform certain functions: renew a book, put a book on hold (reservation), view your search and reading history…

Your login is the 5 or 6 digit number on the back of your INSEAD ID badge. Use the same number for both the username and the password (the password can be modified later if you wish). If the connection fails, or if you forgot your password, please contact us! Should you lose and replace your badge, let the library know so your account can be updated.

How long can I borrow items for? How many books can I borrow?

R&L Hub registration with a valid INSEAD card is necessary to borrow any items.

Our loan policy is as follows:

 Number of loansLoan periodRenewal
Faculty / PhD / Research Staff50 items2 months5
EMBA / Executive (long programmes)10 items2 months1
MBA10 items3 weeks1
Staff / Partner10 items3 weeks1
Alumni5 items1 month0
Executives (short programmes)5 items3 days0
Libraries10 items1 month1
External5 items3 weeks0

Can I renew my book online?

Yes, books can be renewed in the Research & Learning Hub catalogue. You must be logged in to renew your books (see above How do I log in to the Catalogue?).

How do I request a book that is on loan to someone else?

Books can be reserved in the Catalogue.

At the prompt, log in to your account using the 5 or 6 digit number in the back of your INSEAD badge for both username and password.

Choose the copy you wish to reserve. On the “Confirm Holds” page, you can fill in the “Not needed after” date. Click on “Place hold” to submit your request.

Can I request a book for purchase?

Yes, suggestions are welcome.

Can I read ebooks on my phone?

Yes. A user guide is available here.

How can I find INSEAD Cases or books and articles written by INSEAD Professors ?

INSEAD articles, books and our PhD thesis are indexed in our catalogue. The Research & Learning Hub only keeps print inspection of cases, you can find them in the Catalogue. All other information about cases can be found on this page:
You may also ask a question by email [email protected]

Can I search for books off-campus?

Yes, no login is required to search the Catalogue on or off campus; however, you must be logged in to access the advanced features (See How do I login)



Can I access databases off-campus?

Yes. Most databases and journals can be accessed from our database page or from the Journal Finder. At the prompt, log in with your INSEAD username and password.

Some resources will require an additional login, follow the steps indicated on the database page.

Off campus access problems: “This connection is untrusted”. What should I do?

Depending on your browser, you may see a security alert. You can safely proceed to the next step.

Can I do research on my mobile?

Many of our databases now provide mobile access. If available, the mobile version will be automatically proposed by the vendor at the very first connection.



Do I keep access to the Research & Learning Hub resources after graduation?

Due to the contractual agreements we sign, the databases listed on our website are reserved for currently enrolled students.

INSEAD Alumni who are part of an IAA Alumni association can access the Business Source Alumni database via MyINSEAD platform.

Read more about Alumni R&L Hub privileges.

Research Support

How can I get help with my assignment, job interview preparation, research paper or dissertation?

Contact our Research Specialists by email here if you are located in Fontainebleau and Abu Dhabi or here if you are located in Singapore . You can also request to meet one on one with us.

To get started, consult the online guides and short videos.


Cannot find what you need? Contact us!

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