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Mission to Change Podcast Series

What are the personal journeys of people behind business as a force for good?

Join our Founding Executive Director, Katell Le Goulven, every month as she speaks to inspiring figures who have transformed their businesses and initiatives to drive positive change. What were their challenges, why did they choose to walk the talk, and what have they learned? Listen in and be inspired to drive your own mission to change.

Episodes Season 3

jasjit singh MTC

'Impact Entrepreneurs in a World of ESG with Professor Jasjit Singh'

What is the role of a social entrepreneur in a world where every corporate talks about doing good? In this episode INSEAD Professor Jasjit Singh explains what pursuing impact as a social entrepreneur in a world of ESG entails. We discuss how to get rigorous about your approach and how to ask difficult questions about whether and how you really make a net positive contribution to the world. An INSEAD podcast.

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'Creating Systems Change with Cynthia Rayner and Jeroo Billimoria'

A social enterprise can scale impact in different ways, but the deepest and largest way lies at the systems level. Joining Katell Le Goulven to explore the complex dynamic of system change are INSEAD Alumna Cynthia Rayner and serial social entrepreneur Jeroo Billimoria. They unpack what it takes to have impact at a systemic level, how a social enterprise can change a system and advice to those wanting to make that deep rooted change. 

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Partnering with corporates to scale impact with Felipe Monteiro and Fabio Tentori

'Partnering with corporates to scale impact with Felipe Monteiro and Fabio Tentori'

How can corporates partner with impact enterprises to mutually benefit each other, both from a business standpoint but also to grow impact. Listen in as Katell Le Goulven speaks to INSEAD Professor Felipe Monteiro and Felipe Tentori, Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Enel X. In this episode they explore both the theory and practice of how corporates and impact enterprises meet, how they partner, as well as what works and what doesn’t when entering into such a collaboration.

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Partnering with Governments to scale impact with INSEAD Alumna Mila Lukic

'Partnering with Governments to scale impact with INSEAD Alumna Mila Lukic'

In this episode we explore how the impact of public service delivery can be increased by using a method of contracts based on 'pay for success' compared to the traditional 'pay for service' contract. Listen in to find out how these outcomes-based contracts work as we speak to the Co-Founder of Bridges Outcomes Partnerships and INSEAD alumna Mila Lukic.

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Scaling Impact, with Filipe Santos and Alexandra Machado

'Scaling Impact, with Filipe Santos and Alexandra Machado'

In this episode we learn about the 4 different stages in the lifecycle of a social enterprise and unpack the different ways social entrepreneurs can scale their impact. Our guests are Girl MOVE Academy CEO Alexandra Machado and Filipe Santos, Visiting Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at INSEAD and Dean of Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. Listen to this INSEAD podcast to hear what the theory is and how it works in practice.

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'Founding Social Entrepreneurship with Bill Drayton'

In 1970 Bill Drayton coined the term ‘social entrepreneur’, he then went on to set up Ashoka, a network of changemakers addressing the world’s most pressing problems. Listen in as Bill takes us on a journey from the beginning of the social entrepreneurship movement as he coined the term, what it means to be a social entrepreneur and understand how Ashoka works with social entrepreneurs.

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Episodes Season 2


'Transforming the built environment through corporate activism with Magali Anderson'

A Zero-carbon, nature positive concrete will be a cornerstone of a net-zero global economy and sustainable growth of the built environment. Listen in as we speak to Magali Anderson, the Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer at Holcim about her mission to change not just cement production but the wider built environment.

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'Turning Plastic Waste into Sustainable Goods and Jobs with Lorna Rutto'

400 million tons of plastic is produced per year. This figure is set to double by 2040 and worryingly less than 10% is recycled. Listen in as Co-Founder of EcoPost, Lorna Rutto, shares how she transformed plastic waste into sustainable goods and jobs for people in marginalized communities, while conserving the environment.

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'Making Nature Count in Finance with Simon Zadek'

With more than half of the world’s economic output dependent on nature, how and why should financial institutions count nature in their Financing Decisions? Listen in as Chair of Finance for Biodiversity, Simon Zadek, shares more on nature’s impact on the financial performance of organisations. 

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'Reimagining Capitalism with Rebecca Henderson'

How can capitalism be reset through business? Find out as Katell speaks to Rebecca Henderson, Harvard University Professor and one of the three of Financial Times’ 2019 Outstanding Directors of the Year. Henderson shares case studies and a roadmap of ways business can catalyse change.

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'Restoring coral reefs through sustainable tourism'

Can responsible tourism protect and restore the oceans’ biodiversity, while engaging local economies? Dr. Megan Morikawa, Global Director of Sustainability Office at Iberostar Group shares how they make this possible and successful.

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'MTC season 2 - an introduction with Harrison Ford'

More changemakers, more environmental solutions, and one special introduction from Harrison Ford! Join us for Season 2 of INSEAD Hoffmann Institute’s Mission to Change as we continue to talk to changemakers in business with solutions for the daunting challenge of climate crisis. Are you ready? Here we go.

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Episodes Season 1


'Sustainability sourcing at Gap Inc. with Agata Smeets'

In this episode Agata Smeets, Director of Sustainability Sourcing Strategy at Gap Inc, shares the importance of partnerships, water conservancy practices to create sustainable supply chains and how these combined helped them achieve their targets ahead of time.

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'Redesigning fashion with science with Patrik Lundström'

In this episode, Patrik Lundström shines a spotlight on Renewcell’s unique technology that is making fashion sustainable. The CEO speaks of the need for fashion evolution instead of a fashion revolution, and why it’s important to seek solutions that protect the planet.

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'Saving Forests through Business Innovation with Nicole Rycroft'

We speak to Nicole Rycroft as she tells us more about transforming unsustainable global supply chains with her not-for-profit, Canopy. This award-winning environmental initiative also drives efforts of forest conservation and advances indigenous rights.

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'Business solutions for social problems with Dr Rasha Rady'

Hear from Dr. Rasha Rady as she shares her entrepreneurial journey about Chefaa, its mission to help chronic patients get access to their medicines, and why she feels social problems require business solutions.

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'Misson above Strategy with Hubert Sagnières'

In our first episode, Katell chats with Hubert Sagnières – the man who made it the mission of the world’s largest eyewear company to fit glasses for every adult and child with vision problems. Listen in and hear what happens when you put Mission above strategy

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Trailer: Introducing 'Mission to Change'


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Your Host


Katell Le Goulven, Executive Director, Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society

Katell Le Goulven joined INSEAD in April 2018 as the founding Executive Director of the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society. Previously with UNICEF, she founded a Policy Planning unit to analyze global trends and emerging issues and inform UNICEF’s strategic positioning, and led UNICEF’s corporate engagement with International Financial Institutions. She has held senior positions with high-level commissions that defined the policy implications of the data revolution, climate change, and global public goods for the development agenda. She has over 20 years of professional experience at the interface of research and decision-making designing policies and strategies, and advising senior executives in international organizations and governments. She holds a PhD in agricultural economics, a Msc. in tropical agronomy, and an engineering degree. She lives in Fontainebleau with her husband and three children.

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