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Building a Resilient Workforce

11 October 2022 at 10am CEST


Todays leaders face a highly unpredictable environment. The pressure to continuously adapt and innovate, coupled with uncertainty about the future, is leading to an epidemic of stress and burnout across all levels of organisations. Amidst this pressure, leaders must not only have high levels of personal resilience but also be able to build resilience among their teams.

In this interactive webinar, Professor Jennifer Petriglieri will explore how stress builds in teams, what resilience actually is, and share practical insights from research on how leaders can build a resilient workforce.

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Ambidextrous Organisations: Managing Contradictions in Business Life


Contradictions are a part of business life - we need near-term focus to survive in the present, we need time to dream and experiment to survive in the future. These modes of operating, and the horizons they require in our perspective, are very different. During this webinar Professor Charles Galunic, programme director for INSEAD Lead the Future, will take a brief look at the nature of this conundrum, and will share at least the outlines of a framework for coping with these extremes, as well as materials you can then explore to gather more insights.

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Leadership Unlocked: Finding the key to changing ingrained behaviours

What drives effective behaviour? Even well experienced leaders who are aware of best practices might deviate from such behaviour due to deeply ingrained habits. Awareness becomes the first step to reprogramming reactions so that new and more effective habits replace the old. In this 1 hour session Professor Narayan Pant, programme director for LEAP: Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice, explores leadership tips on making yourself more aware of thoughts and tendencies, often habitual in nature, which seem to capture you in the moments of decision.

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