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The High Impact Leadership Programme has three interlocking parts focusing on the three pillars of high-impact leadership: understanding organisations, creating and leading successful teams, and developing your leadership skills. Participants leave with a personal action plan to enhance their management and leadership abilities – with execution assured through post-programme follow-up with the same coaches that helped them devise their plan.



The first part of the programme is designed to help you understand and manage the formal and informal structures, incentive systems and cultures that shape individual and group behaviour in organisations. 


Creating and leading
effective 'X-teams'

Teams sit at the intersection between the individual and the organisation, and serve as the link between the first and the third parts of the programme. 


Developing your
leadership skills

A Leadership Workshop to exercise working in teams and practise leadership under the guidance of behavioural consultants, allowing participants to understand their motivations and their impact on other team members. 

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