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Executive Education

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High Impact Leadership Programme

Overcome the pressure to not only manage day-to-day, but to also lead your teams with high-impact decisions.

Upcoming Sessions
5 days
S$ 15,850

Content Overview

The High Impact Leadership Programme focuses on three pillars of high-impact leadership: understanding organisations, creating and leading successful teams, and developing your leadership skills. Participants leave with a personal action plan to enhance their management and leadership abilities – with execution assured through post-programme follow-up with the same coaches that helped them devise their plan.

Understanding organisations

Understanding your organisation through structure, culture and behaviour, and how to leverage on formal structures as well as informal networks to influence and incentivise people.

Developing your leadership skills

This programme includes a hands-on workshop designed to develop self-awareness, address personal weaknesses and build on personal strengths through practical coaching sessions with behavioural consultants and group interactions. 

Creating and leading effective 'X-teams'

Learn how to interface between the individual and the organisation through managing internal group processes and developing talent, as well as learning how to manage external sources of knowledge, information and support.