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Executive Education

A green background with a round headshot of Anne North, Consultant at CARE International UK and Hope and Healing International, Tanzania, and past attendee of INSEAD’s general management development programmes, Transition to General Management.

Transition to General Management

Be equipped with the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to step up to general management. For Senior Functional Managers with 8 years of management experience.

Upcoming Sessions
2 + 2 Weeks

Dates & Fees

Date Length Location Tuition Fees*
Module 1
23 Sep 2024 - 04 Oct 2024
2 Weeks Fontainebleau €34,950 Apply NowReserve a SeatDownload Brochure
Module 2
02 Dec 2024 - 13 Dec 2024
2 Weeks Fontainebleau
Date Length Location Tuition Fees*
Module 1
18 Nov 2024 - 29 Nov 2024
2 Weeks Fontainebleau €34,950 Apply NowReserve a SeatDownload Brochure
Module 2
13 Jan 2025 - 24 Jan 2025
2 Weeks Singapore

* Fee subject to change. VAT / GST shall apply at prevailing rates according to prevailing laws and regulations. Please also note that the prices/fees for the programmes listed above do not include taxes, as these may vary according to the form of delivery and the location of the client. In particular, note that INSEAD may have to invoice a higher amount than the one listed, to take into account any withholding tax that a client has to apply to the payment, in accordance with its local legislation.


As part of the lifelong learning journey, alumni of INSEAD are eligible to a 30% reduction off the cost of our Open Programmes

Please note that the Transition to General Management programme is a modular one and as such is delivered across either Fontainebleau-Fontainebleau, Fontainebleau-Singapore or Fontainebleau-San Francisco. Additional dates will be announced in due course, when confirmed by the teaching faculty.

Modules are not interchangeable.

Participants are advised to arrive the evening before as the programme starts early in the morning.

This programme is eligible for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

Please note that INSEAD is Qualiopi accredited (accreditation number 5-0616). This accreditation helps French companies based in France to apply to financial aid, but only for programmes taking place in Fontainebleau and invoiced in Euros. For further details, please contact your Human Resources department.