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Executive Education

A green background with a round headshot of Anne North, Consultant at CARE International UK and Hope and Healing International, Tanzania, and past attendee of INSEAD’s general management development programmes, Transition to General Management.

Transition to General Management

Be equipped with the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to step up to general management. For Senior Functional Managers with 8 years of management experience.

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2 + 2 Weeks

Content Overview

Participants on Transition to General Management take a holistic view of their own skills and experience whilst exploring current management thinking and gaining new perspectives on the ultimate business objective of managing for value.

During group work, case studies and coaching, and through tne blending of business foundations with leadership development, the programme equips senior managers to make the move to general management and covers:


Business Foundations

Learn rigorous concepts and systematic tools to understand and know your customers anywhere in the world. We cover market orientation, market creation, targeting, building customer value, competitive advantage, customer relationship management and much more. Topics include:

  • Marketing including concepts and tools to understand and know your customers anywhere in the world
  • Oganisational behaviour and leadership
  • Finance and financial accounting
  • Strategy ation,
  • Operations management
  • The global economy
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Leadership Development

A specific Leadership Development Process runs throughout the programme, helping you to better understand yourself and develop a personalised plan of action. It involves:

  • Personal development plans
  • 360º survey and feedback
  • Outdoor teamwork
  • Coaching: the Global Executive Leadership Inventory
  • Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Managing re-entry
  • Leadership Decision-Making frameworks such as Fair Process Leadership 

Managing for value

At its core, general management is about creating value. With value creation and management in mind, new general managers need to focus on the long-term, organisation-wide impact of any act or decision – as opposed to measuring success with narrowly defined, short-term performance indicators. It is this value creation and management that the Transition to General Management programme is centred on. This involves:

  • Value proposition
  • Value delivery
  • Value capture