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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the Transition to General Management programme.

It was a tipping point in my career and in my life.

Pablo Aravena
Associate Director
Teva Pharmaceuticals

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Learning, when it’s truly effective, is like opening a window you didn’t know existed.

Thibaut Fromageau
Albatross CX

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"What the TGM programme focused on was building that toolkit to give us more things to work with and also creating a huge group of people we can still go to years later and ask: ‘Does anyone have experience with this? Has anyone worked in x country?"

Anne North
CARE International UK and Hope and Healing International

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After the Transition to General Management programme I had much more confidence, as well as a lot of curiosity and willingness to change. Having spent seven years in operational marketing I felt ready to take more risks and seize new opportunities.

Sarah Pricaz
International Marketing Vice President
L'Occitane en Provence

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It’s life changing. The ethos of the course, and the people you meet, is tremendous.

Steve Chamberlain
Commercial Director - North America

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It was a standout course, in both my life and career. I can’t imagine not having done it. It was so incredibly profound. Before attending, I knew it was going to be valuable, but I didn’t realise the sheer depth of knowledge and impact it would have...In a professional sense, it helped me achieve where I wanted to be. The programme has been instrumental in enabling me to achieve a goal of becoming a CEO earlier rather than later in my career.

Nadia Levin
CEO & Managing Director
Research Australia

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It’s a moment that helps you start looking at your career, your industry and at your professional development differently. It’s like reframing yourself.

Maarten Kerbert 
Senior Program Manager, DAS, The Netherlands

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A very useful programme that gives a holistic view of value creation in international business management. Transition to General Management helped me understand “Who I am” and how to overcome my limitations thanks to the help of some very talented and enthusiastic peers from all over the world. Transition to General Management is not simply a one month programme; it will influence the rest of my professional and personal life!

Yutaka Goto 
General Manager, Corporate Development Division, Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd., Japan


An incredible cultural immersion experience, instruction from forward-thinking, innovative and passionate faculty in a classroom with peers with whom you could be colleagues, or even friends for life.

Greg Bunker
Global Business Director, Packaging Adhesives, Dow Chemicals, USA

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Transition to General Management is a wonderful programme. It gave me the confidence to move forward with Unatti. It’s a very trustworthy and engaging environment that enables you to reach for the best.

Victoria Pell
Co-Founder and President, Unatti, France

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I certainly wasn’t expecting to discover a different way of thinking about finance after all these years! But with Kevin Kaiser’s 'Blue Line Management' concept, I have a brand new passion.

William Blomme
Senior Partner, Audit and Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte, Belgium

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The key messages around value creation are continually driven throughout the programme, and I’ve found they come up in my mind every day. I’m constantly analysing activities and asking what value they bring. The follow-up module was the missing piece of the jigsaw. By doing everything we’d learned about through the simulation, I truly understood it all. The follow-up also gave me the confidence to embed the learning from Transition to General Management in my daily work.

Thomas Henriksen
General Manager, Australia-New Zealand, Ingredion, Australia

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It definitely answered my need to step back from day-to-day work and develop my understanding of complex organisations. It also helped me to see some of the dilemmas of general management more clearly.

Sophie Roche
Continuous Improvement and Transformation Manager, Atos, France

I wanted a programme that was more than just a few days, as it had to take me up to a whole new career level. But an EMBA would have been too long. The two-times-two-weeks format seemed just right. And I wanted to be at a leading international school – not just to get the best education available but also to benchmark myself with top people.

Dick Zwaveling
Finance and Organisation Manager, Nedvang, the Netherlands scheme for packaging recycling, The Netherlands

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This programme really opened my mind and gave me an entire new perspective on many things! I can truly say that it is the best programme ever, and my only regret is that I did not do it earlier! It has really helped me to place emphasis on the value side of the business instead of solely looking at the cost side. Understanding what a customer really values brings great opportunities to enrich and innovate our offerings in a very targeted and sensible manner.

Michael Byczkowsk
Vice President Technology Innovation, SAP AG.

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The whole programme teaches you why you should move from giving answers to asking questions, from telling people what to do to guiding them in the right direction... I felt like a different guy when I came back to work and I still feel that way! I believe I opened myself to new ways of thinking.

Bertrand Conan 
Marketing Director, STMicroelectronics, France

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