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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about their experience taking an INSEAD online programme.

Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times was a first experience for me in learning online, and although I had my initial doubts, it’s been such a positive and impactful experience that I’m already looking to reserve my place on a second INSEAD programme later this year. I would recommend online learning at INSEAD to anyone looking to accelerate their knowledge and skills, and to broaden their perspective in the most effective and manageable way.

Fawaz Al-Nouri, Customer Evolution Ecosystem & Execution Leader
SAP, Germany

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Very often in the world of work, you do things or take decisions that yield results. But when you look at them, you struggle to understand why or how they worked, because you don’t pause for the necessary reflection. With this programme, and particularly with the xChange simulation, you could really explore how to make change happen: how you build the teams and networks, the influencing strategies, the navigational roadmaps and the support to drive results and why it works.

Ulf Grohmann, Director Digital Hydro Asia
Voith, China

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The course is fast paced, the content is leading edge and brings together recent and past industry thinking. The blend of the weekly Action Learning Project ensures you apply the theory and content to something relevant, real time and practical. Although there are some prompts and guidance, true to form you can make it your own with a lot of scope to move. The Learning Coach (Lindsey Harding) was excellent, testing and provoking me to reflect on the content and my role in change as well as helpful practical feedback on the course. The professors were inspirational, and to my relief didn’t try to boil complexity into 3 bullet points with absolute rules and instead talked through nuance and encouraged the students to adopt and adapt. I’d love to study more under Charles Galunic, he is brilliant. The weekly reflection questions and discussion forums on the content also contextualises the learning. The learning tools were digital across devices for on-the-go leaders.

Heather Frost, Coach- Facilitator- Consultant
People and Practice, London, United Kingdom


I chose the LODT programme because I was asked by our Management Board to start and lead a change project and was looking for theoretical and practical support to help me doing so. When I read about the programme of LODT, this showed a rather complete fit with my needs. I followed the course in parallel to the change project, therefore learnings could be put in practice immediately. It had an impact on me personally and it helped me and the organisation to decide on ways of communication, building support within the organisation for the change etc. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is about to start a change project!

Itske Lulof, Director Energy & Climate
Triodos, Netherlands

INSEAD online programmes have very structured and profound impact. As a participant you could combine theory with real cases and then reflect on your own project.Coaching was the best part of the programme. We discussed a lot the learnings, but also how to transform them in real cases.

Sarper Arslan, Senior Head of Corporate Services
Hugo Boss, Turkey

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Top Notch Faculty -Jose Luis Alvarez and Charles Galunic have amazing ability to explain even complex concepts in a way which is easy to understand. Top Notch Content - Amazing Content and great learning . Top Notch Approach to Learning - Having a Coach always ready to assist me at any stage and Action Learning Project allowed me to apply the concepts in my real work situation really helped me in understanding and implementing the learning from the course immediately.

Gordhan Punjabi, Head of Training
Arabian Automobiles Co. LLC, UAE

Brilliant course from extraordinary teaching staff providing you with the modern tools that you can apply immediately in order to improve significantly your digital strategy. Special credits to the clear, transparent and efficient course structure that allows you to complete the course even under great pressure in your job or by lack of time like in my case.

Dr. Vera Steiner, Operations Director
GAHSC - Global Alliance for Health & Social Comple, Austria

Very insightful and the format makes it easy to balance it with personal and work life. Definitely stands out from other online courses due to the live calls, the discussion forums and the study group experience.

Mafalda Povoas, Head of Marketing and Business Development  
Collab, Portugal



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