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INSEAD participant of Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times course opening the course's online learning portal. Participants learn about effective change management and change leadership in an organisation.

Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times

Develop your ability to drive faster decision-making, accelerate change processes and cut through difficult cultural challenges.

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6 weeks

Content Overview

Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times is an online programme delivered over 6 weeks that combines video lectures, real-life examples, discussions, quizzes and an Action Learning Project to bring the key concepts to life. The content is divided into four key topics and covers the more traditional ‘above the surface’ issues senior leaders typically face, as well as the less obvious ‘below the surface’ challenges that arise when leading an organisation. 




The Decision Challenge:
Fair-Process in Team Decision-Making


  • Understand why making decisions is the core work of leadership
  • Recognise how decision-making in today’s “empowered” workforce is less about “telling” than it is about guiding and facilitating an effective decision-making path
  • Discover a concrete model for enacting Fair-Process Leadership norms in your setting
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The Change Challenge: Leading Formal Change


  • Understand in more detail why change in the context of digitisation can be so difficult 
  • Discover ten pillars of research-backed good practices for leading organisational change
  • Learn about the “X factors” successful leaders need to lead effective change


The Political Challenge:
Networks & Influence


  • Explore why people often have ambivalent reactions to power and influence, even in “rational” organisations
  • Understand the difference between hard and soft power, and why developing the latter is important – especially in increasingly horizontal and network-driven work environments
  • Learn about the human proclivity for “familiar” and “clan-like” relationships, and why disruption may require us to become more socially curious and exploratory
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The Culture & Integration Challenge:
Organisations in a Digital Age


  • Develop an understanding of how to pinpoint and define something as seemingly abstract as organisational culture
  • Gain insights into how to shape such a culture and navigate its politics
  • Explore what it means to develop effective, digital-ready cultures.


The Ambidexterity Challenge:
Managing Contradictions in
Turbulent Times


  • Develop an understanding of the key contradictory forces
    faced by growing business organisations
  • Learn a framework to help you manage those
    contradictions: Paradox Mindset, Skill Versatility, Team
    Cohesion, Structural Moves, Contextual Work.

The xCHANGE Simulation: Boost your learning

Please note: the Xchange Simulation is offered as an optional add-on to the programme.

The INSEAD xCHANGE Simulation is a one-of-a-kind, game-changing simulation tool that puts you in the driver’s seat and empowers you with the understanding, the confidence, the leadership frameworks and the hands-on tools to lead transformation within your organisation.

Developed in partnership with innovation pioneers, Prendo and xLEAD, the xCHANGE Simulation dynamically captures the challenges of change that define today’s business context, integrating the very latest thinking on agile organisations with real-world, practical insights for immediate impact. You are required to respond cognitively, emotionally and strategically – confronting an authentic, simulated leadership challenge that highlights the importance of getting beyond the team to engage the larger ecosystem and build the collaboration frameworks to drive innovation. The challenges are real but the learning happens in a safe, risk-free environment; one that is enriched by immediate and clear feedback and actionable takeaways for you and your organisation.

The xCHANGE Simulation is a profound, experiential and transformative learning process where the focus shifts from performing to experimenting, from the risk of failure to the opportunity to learn, to understand and to identify your own strengths and weaknesses in successfully executing rapid and innovative change.

How you benefit:

  • Develop the competencies to build and align an effective change team 
  • Learn to deploy formal and informal networks
  • Discover and leverage compelling influencing strategies
  • Successfully navigate the complexities of organisational culture and politics
  • Maximise stakeholder support for a specific innovation
  • Build networks across the organisational ecosystem to secure buy-in for change
  • Make organisational change happen.

Please note that participants who purchase the xCHANGE Simulation add-on have the opportunity to complete the simulation twice. 

Your Online Learning Journey

Throughout the programme, an INSEAD Learning Coach will be guiding you and helping you maximise the impact of your learning journey.

*Please note the programme may include a pause week(s).

Action Learning Project

Action Learning Projects (ALPs) are guided ‘real-world assignments’ and a core element of INSEAD Online programmes, designed to increase business impact, and to enable you to take newly acquired skills and apply them within the context of your actual job and organisation.

Each online programme centres around a specific Action Learning Project related to the learning objectives of that programme, allowing you to test ideas in a risk-free environment, then devise a realistic strategy plan that can be executed once you return to work.

Working with the learning coach, you will design an ALP that is right for your organisation and your personal learning objectives.

There are three phases to the ALP process: 

  • First, you will agree on the scope of your ALP with the learning coach, to make sure it aligns with the learning objectives of the programme and culminates in a concrete goal.
  • Second, in each of the five content weeks, you will apply the tools and concepts from that week to your ALP.
  • Third, at the end of the content weeks, you will synthesise elements from your weekly submissions to propose concrete strategic recommendations for your organisation, and submit them for peer review. In the final week of the programme, the peer review will take place, where every participant will review 2 to 4 other submissions and provide peer feedback. The final ALP and peer review process normally takes between 10-12 days after the programme content finishes.


Typical Week on an INSEAD Online Programme

Each week of content follows a very clear path to facilitate learning for busy executives. The platform allows participants to learn at their own paceduring each week, by viewing the content, completing assignments and engaging in discussions, taking on average 4-6 hours per week* to complete.



*This is the recommended number of hours per week however please note that working on the Action Learning Project (ALP) may require up to two additional hours/week.