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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about their experience taking an INSEAD online programme.

I took away a different mindset after completing the IAD programme. It taught me to really look at things from a customer centric perspective and to apply cutting-edge techniques like design thinking to my processes as a leader. Coming away with this kind of shift in thinking has helped me enormously in terms of driving innovation and paving the way for success with our new business model. It was nothing short of enlightening for me.

Clara Guedes
CEO of Saltiproud-Monte do Pasto Portugal

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I found the programme’s content stimulating and inspiring. It forced me to think differently about why business leaders need to develop their “blue-sky thinking” capabilities, and the importance of trying out new approaches that we truly believe in. Failing is less important than trying.

Ignacio Irigoyen
Logistics and Supply Chain Manager at Nutrien Ag Solutions Brazil

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Finally an institution that offers an online course that feels like a 'real' course, i.e. not compromising on the academic experience. For us living far from Europe, attending courses from world-renowned institutions like INSEAD is only possible through the online option. The Strategy course was well-structured, highly relevant and will definitely make a difference back home - moving forward the digital thinking in emerging markets.

Silke van der Merwe, Executive Strategy & Human Capital
Nedbank Namibia, Namibia

Best in class e-learning experience for people with busy lives. We feel engaged! We feel stimulated throughout the full learning process with great key take-aways to create value through digital strategy within an organization.

Mathieu Piron, Digital Marketing Manager
Eli Lilly Benelux SA, Belgium

I’ve enjoyed the constant cycling among video, quizzes, discussions and reflections to keep the content engaging. Because the videos were filmed in a real-life classroom, one feels like they’re really participating in a live lecture – the best stimulated, recorded online course I’ve taken so far.

Consultant at Accenture Strategy
United States

Very insightful and the format makes it easy to balance it with personal and work life. Definitely stands out from other online courses due to the live calls, the discussion forums and the study group experience.

Mafalda Povoas, Head of Marketing and Business Development  
Collab, Portugal

Brilliant course from extraordinary teaching staff providing you with the modern tools that you can apply immediately in order to improve significantly your digital strategy. Special credits to the clear, transparent and efficient course structure that allows you to complete the course even under great pressure in your job or by lack of time like in my case.

Dr. Vera Steiner, Operations Director
GAHSC - Global Alliance for Health & Social Comple, Austria

Great course theme, superb brand value, awesome professor, fantastic interface, smart candidates, thought provoking discussions - delivered at your convenience!

Rachit Khosla, Manager
Industrial Growth Platform Inc, Singapore



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