Classes of MBA'09J&D and MBA'14J&D

24 - 25 May 2019

Europe campus

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Dear Alumni,

As you have experienced for yourself, INSEAD is a truly unique institution. We graduate inspired individuals equipped with sound business knowledge and a strong global mindset. Through the vision laid out by our founders, we have truly become an independent and entrepreneurial business school with an unmatched global outreach and unparalleled diversity of students, executive participants and alumni.

This weekend, I am excited to share my plans with you and look forward to hearing your views. Our Alumni Reunions team has worked hard to put together an incredible programme for you. Besides the Plenary Session that will focus on the MBA programme and our alumni network, our Faculty Forums also will cover important themes relevant to the quickly-evolving business world of today.

Throughout the weekend’s Social and Networking events, your Reunion will provide you with the ideal opportunity to expand your horizons – a chance to not only reconnect with your former classmates, but also to interact with alumni of other classes that hold the same INSEAD spirit.

I look forward to sharing many conversations with you this special weekend and invite you to join me in imagining the incredible potential of INSEAD. With a powerful network of more than 57,254 alumni in 175 countries united, we realise an ambitious future for INSEAD.


Ilian Mihov



Attendees List


The participant's list is subject to change. A new version of the attendees list will be posted once a week.

If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat at




Linda Brimm
The Global Cosmopolitan Mindset; Lessons from the New Global Leaders
Please contact Linda by email should you'd like to get the slides.

INSEAD Professor’s New Book explains the unique competencies and complex issues facing multi-national, multi-cultural “citizens of the world. Citing the likes of former U.S. President Barack Obama and the ex-CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi, L.Brimm says that leaders these days benefit from varied life experiences and a broad outlook that helps them compete in the global jobs market. That constant transition can be difficult, but it can also make leaders better able to manage change and rally support from others, she said. "When everything is changing, you have to be able to transition to another place. You have to come to terms with that and find new ways to process things," Brimm told CNBC Make It. "It's an incredible source of resilience."

Xiaowei Rose Luo
Overcoming Barriers to Women Leadership

One of the most powerful findings across social sciences is that perception may be different from reality, but nonetheless shapes individuals’ ways of thinking, decision-making, and the macro organizational and social structures. What are some of the powerful perceptions and assumptions we hold about women’ career and leadership roles? For instance, are women less likely to have broader and higher visions, less effective at negotiation, less confident, and less dedicated to career advancement? How do these shared and internalized views impede women’s leadership potential? How can we break such internal hurdles and help foster new norms in our organizations? We will discuss these issues and hope to arrive at a deeper self understanding and some actionable measures to start the transformational process within us! 

Subramanian Rangan
A Moral Theory of the Firm

For much of the 20th century the focus of enterprise has been business performance.  In the 21st century we are seeing more enterprises also pursuing societal progress (this even at some risk to their business performance).  Think for instance of such firms as Tesla (USA), Unilever (Europe), and Natura (Brazil).  Why are more firms trying to integrate performance and progress?  Other than “greenwash,” or “an agency problem with limelight-seeking CEOs,” or long-term value maximization of “doing well by doing good,” is there something new going on here?  In this talk, I will supplement these sociological, behavioral, and economic theories of firm, and outline a "moral theory of the firm."  The exploration will open a window into how the practice and paradigm of business are evolving.  I will discuss implications for executives and entrepreneurs.  Come see how one research and teaching effort at our school is deepening our engagement with the idea of Business as a Force for Good.”

Theodoros Evgeniou
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What and so What?

Mixing some scientific history of AI and Machine Learning with its past and present applications and implications, the presentation will aim at providing some perspectives on the hype and value of AI as well its potential impact. How does it work? What potential new management questions and challenges does AI raise? Will “it" replace us – and if so, why do we care, and what do we really care about? 

Jennifer and Gianpiero Petriglieri
Loving Work … or Love & Work? The pursuit of meaning and desire in contemporary careers

Once upon a time, most people had separate personal and professional lives. Duty was public and desire, private. Or so the story went. These days, those boundaries have blurred. Most of us aspire to infuse our work with personal meaning and have passion for what we do. We no longer have careers, we have working lives. This session will be about what it takes to live and work that way—and what it might give us. We’ll draw on Gianpiero’s research on turning a working life into a life’s work and on Jennifer’s research on the life cycle of dual career couples. But mostly we’ll do real work, together. You’ll have a chance to read and discuss a case study, share your insights, and work on your questions. In other words, you will be back in class—for real. Just this time, with both of us. Come prepared to work. We hope you’ll end up loving it. 

Felipe Monteiro
Leading Digital Transformation at TAG Heuer: Swiss Avant Garde in the Digital Era
Please contact Felipe by email should you'd like to get the slides.

The Swiss company TAG Heuer, maker of luxury watches, is part of the LVMH group (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton). CEO Jean-Claude Biver, a true legend in the Swiss watch industry, has to decide whether to launch its first-ever fully connected Swiss watch, manufactured in partnership with Google and Intel. Entering this new market presents an unprecedented challenge: making a watch based on a technology (microprocessors) that the Swiss have not mastered. Is TAG Heuer ready to compete in the digital space? What are the technological, organizational and leadership challenges involved in the digital journey of a traditional Swiss multinational when it partners with Silicon Valley titans like Google and Intel? Which leaderships lessons can we learn from this case?

Theo Vermaelen
Business ethics : a contractual approach

Relations between various stakeholders in an organisation are governed by explicit and implicit contracts. While ideally we would like to eliminate ambiguity through explicit contracts, the problem is that writing and monitoring explicit contracts is costly and may create unintended negative side effects. Hence business ethics defined as respecting implicit contracts may be a more efficient way to control conflicts of interest. Hence in this view ethical behaviour is not about promoting highly subjective values but building a more efficient organisation.  


The presentations, slides or videos that the professors will be happy to share will be available after the event.




INSEAD has made block bookings at hotels in the area for alumni returning for their Reunion Weekend.  However please don't delay in making your booking as we expect a high demand for rooms.

In order to secure your booking in one of the hotels, please contact them ahead of time (consult the list here) and mention the code ARWMay19.  Please note there is limited capacity.

For suggestions of other hotels or B&Bs in the area, which may have vacancies, please consult the Fontainebleau Tourist Office hotel listing.



Children's camp

Share the reunion weekend with your family!  Your partner and your children are also invited to take part in the reunion. However not all reunion activities are suitable for children.

INSEAD has organised a Children’s Camp so your children can have fun during the weekend, whist you and your partner enjoy the reunion.

A Children’s Camp will be available on Friday and Saturday on campus for children aged 3 to 12. Children will enjoy different activities (drawing, games,…).

The programme

The Children’s Camp is organised by Magma Top Fun Anim’. The Top Fun programme has been conceived and implemented in partnership with a team of educators to ensure the pedagogical value of the proposed activities, which also respect the natural rhythm of the child.

As you may know during Children’s Camp there will be many opportunities for your child to use paint, mud, sand and other “messy” things on the playground. Please dress your child in clothes that can get dirty and/or bring change of clothes. This will allow your child to experience the greatest amount of freedom in the activities available. Children may become reluctant to participate if they are concerned about getting their clothes dirty. Kindly encourage your child to wear closed toed shoes to the camp. Tennis shoes work best. We discourage sandals, “crocs” and flip-flops. They may cause slipping on the playground and they make it difficult to run & jump freely. 

The camp team

As required by law, the Top Fun staffing levels will be a minimum of 1 childcare provider per 8 children. The team will be composed of childcare providers, of which all are holders of a BAFA, BAFD as well as BSC1 diplomas.

The leadership team

The leadership of the team is provided by a Top Fun Anim Activities Manager, experienced in directing children’s activities. Qualifications of the manager include a BAFA (Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur) and an AFPS (Attestation de Formation aux Premiers Secours). Insurance - Top Fun’s insurance coverage is provided by the insurance group RC Organisation for professional liability.


Bring your children with you to the casual family barbecue on campus. There is no cost for children under 6.


Additional services available during the reunion

The family room

INSEAD is unable to provide childcare for children under the age of 3. If you attend the reunion with your little ones, be sure to visit the “family room” on campus (near the main reception on the lower gallery level). The playroom is designed for our youngest guests and offers a child-friendly environment (toys, cribs, etc.). While visiting the family room, children should be under the supervision of the parents.

Babysitter list

If you need a babysitter during the weekend, we can provide you with a list of babysitters, please contact us at if you wish to receive a copy of this list.
Any arrangements are to be made directly with the babysitter. Parents and babysitters must deal directly with each other for all questions of scheduling, availability and payment.

Practical information

How to get to INSEAD?

Need a refresher on how to get to INSEAD. Click here to get directions to the campus.

Taxi reservations can be made directly through:

TFA – Taxis Fontainebleau Avon
Tel : +33 6 77 94 10 06

Please click here for an estimated fare

Welcome and registration

Registration will take place at the reunion welcome desks for each class. Your reunion coordinator will greet alumni and their partners with reunion badges. The registration desks will be open Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Dress code

The dress code will be business casual for the on campus events and the INSEAD Summer Ball will be black tie.

Computer access

Computers with online access and wifi access will be available for your use during the reunion weekend. For username and password, please ask your reunion coordinator or consult the reunion programme.

Footnote shop

The campus shop located in the bar area will be open during the weekend. Find all your INSEAD gear and the latest business publications here.

Alumni football and rugby match with current students

All players must have personal liability insurance coverage to participate in the football and rugby match. INSEAD will not be held responsible and expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any claims and ontroversies that may arise from the event.


Most reunion events are not suitable for younger children. A list of babysitters is available upon request (please contact us at All arrangements for childcare are to be organized between the alumni and the babysitter.  If you would like to bring your older children to the reunion, you can register them as an adult guest.  If you have any questions, please contact

Friday barbecue

Bring your family; children are welcome to attend (no cost for ages 0-5).


Group photos will be taken on Friday afternoon or Saturday at lunchtime. Please check the timing for your class on the programme section. These photos will be emailed to you after the reunion.

Making it happen

Get involved in the organisation of your reunion. Make a difference to this alumni reunion weekend.

INSEAD would like to thank our Leadership Reunion volunteers:

10 year-reunions - MBA'09J&D

Class of 2009J
Social and fund committee: Virginia Brumby, Mohamed-Ali Baccar, Giulia Bortoletti, Yolanda Chen, Danielle D'Lima, Desiree El-Chebeir,  Jad Ellawn, Karla Garcia Teruel, Reene Grossman, Mads Jensen, Edouard Jaansen, Gabby Lacuesta, Christophe Larroque, Genevieve Maltais Boisvert, Marta Margolis, Pooja Nanda, Anna Ong, Karolina Patocki, Pablo Penas Franco, Rob Pike, Juliana Pisani, Michael Schelper, Burcu Seslioglu, Noa Silberklang, Abhay Varma

Class of 2009D:
Social and fund committee: Rachna Chowla, Elena Revenko, Raquel Seabra, Anna Hancock, Manish Kumar Singh, Ignacio Juareguizar, Mounir Doumani, João Pedro Carneiro de Mendonça, Felicia Yuen Ye Chan, Meenakshi Chhabra, Walid Driss, Isabelle Finger, Caroline Fricke, Mohamed Mirza, Evgeny Yakushkin, Abhijit Agate, Tushar Jain, Sabine Flechet, Fillipe Botto, Simon Philipp, Keji Ajayi, Peng Zhang 

5 year-reunions - MBA'14J&D

Class of 2014J:
Social committee: Mayssa Scheib, Brata Yudha, Emmanuel Lange, Kiril Zlatkov, Mehmet Energin 
Fund committee: Nabila Aguele, Saud Aujan; Adib Benazzi; Li Tao Chang; Alexandra Chenguelly; Hooman Damerchiloo; Bhuman Dani; Philippe de Schoutheete; Damien Despinoy; Mehmet Energin; Ignacio Fantaguzzi; Jorge Fernandez Vidal; Caitlin Gill; Stefanie Grabner; Adya Gupta; Zacharias Kapellakis; Mastak Pal Kaur; Brinda Kugapala; Emmanuel Pierre Lange; Laura Plunkett; Bernardo Lucas; Lana Mazahreh; Gillian Gamuchirai Nyamayi; Jedrzej Jan Orkisz; Josselyn Padilla Quinto; Veronika Patkai; Leili Rasouli; Julien Rey; Mahmoud Sirry; Maria Sveshchinskaya (Mazo); Martin Jr Tremblay; Edward Mark Warrick; Man Fung Alice Yung,

Class of 2014D:
Social committee: Maarten Rijs, Silvia Baumann
​Fund committee: Alvaro Del Carpio; Andrew Noble; Ashmita Gupta; Assaf Gat; Charissa Chau; Christian Matthies; Corey Faubert; Dmytro Fomin; Fongtien Miao; Gray Bigler; Jan Veldhuis; Jean-Pierre Aramouni; Kevin Delissy; Kyle Salvatora; Laura Kightlinger; Lev Kundin; Lukenskaite Elly; Mareike Matthies; Nadya Guzovina; Natalia Wagner; Oliver Makins; Richard Hillen; Samvit Dutta; Simon Rakosi; Viral Jhaveri; Zayd Khoury


Giving back

If you would like to learn more about the INSEAD Giving opportunities or to have more details about your own giving history, please contact Anna Sarr. 

Anna Sarr 
Associate Director of Advancement
Students and Young Alumni (5&10Y reunions)
Tel: +33 1 60 72 90 44

To access the reunion class gift pages, click here under on your promotion




The Salamander awards

The INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF), originally founded by Alumni more than 40 years ago, serves as a vital source of financial support for the School. We extend a warm thank you to all of you who have generously participated in the anniversary reunion appeals this year, your generosity enables INSEAD to preserve its place among the world’s best business schools. For more information about the IAF or should you wish to make a donation, please visit the IAF booth in the lobby.

INSEAD is delighted to recognise donors whose cumulative giving has reached specific levels:

Diamond Salamander
Platinum Salamander 
Gold Salamander   
Silver Salamander
Bronze Salamander

Black Donor Pin 
Blue Donor Pin
Green Donor Pin


for Salamander holders


Originally the insignia of the French king Francois I and later that of the town of Fontainebleau, this mythical creature representing the virtue of perseverance, was adopted as the symbol of the INSEAD Alumni Association. Since 1987, the Salamander awards have been representing INSEAD’s lasting gratitude to its donors. Salamander level donors are celebrated at alumni reunions and at INSEAD events around the world.

We are proud to list below the names of the Salamander holders who will celebrate their reunion this weekend :

Anna Liza Ong, MBA'09J, Bronze
Simon Philipp, MBA'09D, Bronze
Basile Cayatte, MBA'09J, Bronze
Christian Rebhan, MBA'09J, Bronze
Yasmin & Mads Jensen, MBA'09J, Bronze

Networking tools

Get the official event app of the alumni reunion weekend,

Get the most out of the app and have a more productive experience!


NAVIGATE the event agenda and logistics, even without Wi-Fi or data. Access useful information like ridesharing and local attractions through the Bulletin Board


NETWORK effectively. Plan whom to meet by exploring attendee profiles and sending out messages


PARTICIPATE in event activities through session likes, comments, ratings, live polling, tweeting, and more

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The INSEAD Private Equity Conference - Friday 24 May (Morning)

IPEC hosts a number of events throughout the year which are geared towards students planning careers as:

  • General partners in any aspect of private equity (venture capital, buyout, turnaround, real estate, mezzanine, or social venture capital)
  • Investors in private equity funds (pension funds, funds of funds or secondaries)
  • Advisers to private equity funds (placement agents, investment bankers, strategy consultants, auditors, lawyers)
  • Entrepreneurs or financial managers planning to raise capital from private equity sources.

The Annual INSEAD Private Equity Conferences, in Fontainebleau and Asia, are Europe’s and Asia’s largest MBA student-run private equity events. The Conferences provide an exceptional forum for discussions of the latest industry developments and market conditions, as well as excellent networking opportunities. The INSEAD Private Equity Conferences are distinguished by their professional and friendly campus atmosphere, with extended access to private equity practitioners and IPEC Members.

For more information click here!


Africa's Leapfrog Developments and Impact Investments - Friday 24 May (lunch time)

What if you were asked this simple question: “What does Africa mean to you?” Did you know that:

Africa counts 54 countries with more than 2000 languages?
Almost half of the world’s fastest growing economies in 2019 will be African?
The number of African youth entering the workforce is estimated to surpass the rest of the world’s by 2050?
Several industries in Africa, including manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, show potential for increased acceleration in the next 5-10 years?

Key developments include the digital revolution, trends marked by the powerful informal sector and the recently launched Continental Free Trade Area, which aims to accelerate trade and industrialization in the region, and ensure inclusive and diversified economic growth across the Continent. While the Continent’s potential is undisputed, a growing debt profile and rising poverty in certain countries pose risks to sustainable and inclusive growth. As such, Africa cannot be defined in simple terms.

Globalization is transforming the world, and Africa represents the next big market in terms of development and business growth. Recognizing this, and the fact that our alumni and students are increasingly seeking opportunities to engage the Region, we are focused on building our relationship with the Continent around INSEAD’s Values, Vision and Ventures: it’s about Partnerships.

Join us to initiate a conversation, share learnings and explore potential paths that align with INSEAD’s core belief that business is a Force for Good. More details on the programme coming soon – stay tuned! In the meantime please reach out to Anna Sarr from the INSEAD Advancement Department or Nabila Aguele, MBA’14J if you have any questions.

Summer Ball at the Chateau

The INSEAD Summer Ball: Heaven on Earth is open for registration. The cost is €294 per person for a magical evening (all taxes included). Please note that the Chateau will open its doors at 10.00pm.

As of 15 April, the price goes up to €354 for the Summer Ball ticket, don't miss the early bird deadline! Buy your tickets here

Frequently asked questions

• Can I register on the phone?
The registration section will be open in February 2019. (Reunion and summer ball tickets)
If you cannot access the registration website or have any questions, please contact us at

• What's the cost of the weekend?
The reunion weekend on campus is 60 euros (including the welcome barbecue on Friday and the Saturday lunch)
The summer ball ticket at the Chateau is 294 euros (including stand-up dinner, drinks and champagne)

In order to provide you with quality service, INSEAD will apply the following refund policy:
- 50% refund until 14 April 2019 (included)
- 25% refund from 15 April to 19 May 2019 (registration closing)
- No refund possible after 19 May 2019
INSEAD reminds its customers that, in accordance with the provisions of article L. 132-2 of the French Monetary and Financial Code, an order or commitment to pay with a credit card or debit card cannot be reversed or modified. The payment may be cancelled only in the event of loss, theft, fraudulent use of the card (or the data related to its use), or of insolvency or bankruptcy of the recipient. In the event of a customer’s failure to comply with the above regulations, INSEAD reserves the right to initiate any necessary procedure in order to obtain damages.

• I have forgotten my login and password...
To reset your password: If you do not know your credentials please contact the 24/7 service desk at stating your full name, programme and date of graduation.

• What will my partner do on campus during the sessions?
There is no separate programme for partners but they are are welcome to all reunion activities as long as they are registered.

What's the format of the Saturday Lunch?
Back to old times at INSEAD, Sodexo, the caterer, will open the INSEAD restaurant. Children are welcome.

What is the dress code on campus for the Reunion?
The dress code will be business casual for the on campus events and the INSEAD Summer Ball will be black tie.

How can I find a babysitter?
A list of babysitters is available upon request - please contact us at

When will the class photo be available?
The class photo will be available after the reunion. Electronic copies will be sent to you by e-mail.

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