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The Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI) is INSEAD’s private capital think tank which works hand-in-hand with private equity and venture capital firms, institutional investors and governments around the world to foster entrepreneurial ecosystems. It connects companies and entrepreneurs with the right sources of capital for their stage of development.

GPEI covers research topics ranging from early-stage venture capital to growth equity to buyouts of mature businesses. Your questions develop into research projects, addressed in a thoughtful environment and are then shared with a global audience. GPEI can also connect with a select group of peers in closed-door events.

Launched in 2009 to combine the rigour and reach of the school's research capabilities with the talents of INSEAD’s alumni and global professionals in the PE and VC industry, GPEI has created a suite of original and relevant content on a range of under-researched topics and geographies.

With a unique advantage and a truly global perspective, thanks to INSEAD’s worldwide network, GPEI conducts research on the asset class in established markets and also explores the new frontiers of emerging markets. Our local presence in Europe, Asia and the Middle East combines a global mission with close links to some of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, family businesses and fund managers.

Claudia Zeisberger
Academic Director, Global Private Equity Initiative
Senior Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences and Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise

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It is GPEI's role to further INSEAD's ability to produce the unbiased, data-driven output and insights needed to fuel success in private equity and to provide a trusted forum for the exchange of ideas and learning within the industry. As a non-profit organisation we depend on support from individual and corporate partners. How to become a partner>

Corporate Partners

We thank our Corporate Partners for their multi-year commitment to GPEI and their longstanding support. It is not only a strong endorsement of our efforts, but allows us to extend the boundaries of private equity research and create a consistent dialogue between PE research and practitioners.


Many of INSEAD's alumni are either working in the private equity industry or have benefited from it as entrepreneurs and managers. Please consider supporting a specific research project or the overall development of PE at INSEAD. We are grateful to acknowledge support from the following alumni supporters:
Christoph Rubeli, INSEAD MBA '92D
Christian Stahl, INSEAD MBA '98D
Gilles Destremau, INSEAD MBA '87J
Mark Ellison, INSEAD MBA '83J
The Frank and Mary Dubczak Fund
Zhou Chuangen, INSEAD MBA '00D
Several anonymous donors

Advisory Board

Some alumni who hold senior positions in the PE industry support and advise GPEI on an ongoing basis through our alumni advisory board. All members commit to the advisory board for several years to have a measurable impact on the centre's strategy and execution.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about the industry and INSEAD to help us define our role in the ecosystem. The following alumni constitute the advisory board. We are grateful for their support.

Karim Khairallah

Managing Director
Oaktree Capital Management Limited

Christina Pamberg

Managing Partner
Alcyon Holding Ltd

Deepak I. Shahdadpuri

Founder and Managing Director
DSG Consumer Partners

Avi Turestsky

Director of Quantitative Research
Landmark Partners


Our Research Partners support GPEI with access to their data and cooperate with us on individual research projects:


Partners on Specific Projects

We partner with companies on specific projects. In addition to sponsorship, we are looking for access to data allowing us to develop original research. A selection of our project partners is shown below:


Research Initiatives


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Claudia Zeisberger

Academic Director GPEI
Senior Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences and Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise

Alexandra von Stauffenberg

Associate Director

Ian Potter

Distinguished Fellow

Sara Lim

Research Associate

Mengu Kulahci

Centre Coordinator

Vikas Aggarwal

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise

Michael Prahl

Distinguished Fellow

Kevin Lu

Distinguished Fellow

R. Todd Ruppert

Distinguished Fellow

Manik Arora

Distinguished Fellow

Mark Florman

Distinguished Fellow

Lahlou Khelifi

Distinguished Fellow

Peter Goodson

Distinguished Fellow

Britta Pfister

Distinguished Fellow

Nicholas Ward

Honorary Distinguished Fellow

Claude Haberer

Distinguished Fellow

Graham Oldroyd

Distinguished Fellow

Contributing faculty


Claudia Zeisberger

Academic Director GPEI
Senior Affiliate Professor for Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise, INSEAD

Teaching electives: Private Equity, Managing Corporate Turnarounds, Risk Management

Claudia Zeisberger is known for her extensive research on PE in emerging markets, and her output is a function of her extensive links and close working relationships with private equity firms and their investee companies, institutional investors, family offices and sovereign wealth funds. She has frequently been nominated for the “Best Teaching Award” in her PE elective and has been awarded the “Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in MBA Teaching” annually since 2008. Claudia initiated the launch of GPEI and through the centre’s work, INSEAD has established itself as the go-to source for insights on PE in emerging markets and as an incubator for talent and professionals.

"My PE elective offers relevance through interaction with regular guest speakers and hands-on company projects. Relevance in education lies where theory and practice collide."


Philip Anderson

INSEAD Alumni Fund Chaired Professor of Entrepreneurship
Teaching electives: Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital/Private Equity, Innovation and Creativity, Managing Technological Change, Change Management, Leadership, Managing Growth

Philip Anderson has taught MBA courses on how private equity firms screen opportunities, and has written more than 30 cases for his courses featuring private equity professionals. He has taught courses for a number of professional investors in private equity, including the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Intel Capital, Navis Partners, Procuritas, and the Singapore Venture Capital Association. From 2001-2009, he headed the 3i Venturelab, a research organisation sponsored by 3i.


Vikas Aggarwal

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise 
Teaching electives: Venture Capital and Private Equity, Entrepreneurial Field Studies, Organizational Foundations of Financial Markets

Vikas Aggarwal's research centres on strategy issues in entrepreneurial settings, focusing on venture-backed start-ups as well as larger firms experiencing significant environmental change. He is particularly interested in the interdependencies that occur across multiple strategic decisions and the implications of these decision portfolios for outcomes, such as innovation and long-run performance. His work examines sectors such as biotechnology, software and the U.S. defence industry, and combines empirical studies with agent-based simulations.


Jasjit Singh

Professor of Strategy and Academic Director of INSEAD Social Impact Initiative
Teaching electives: Impact Investing, Strategy and Impact

Jasjit Singh’s interests include inclusive business, sustainable development, impact investing and impact evaluation. He is particularly passionate about how business can be used as a force for good. He regularly teaches, gives speeches and offers advice related to how enterprises, non-profits and investors can systematically think about maximizing their impact. He holds a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University. More information about him and his work is available on his website.


Lily Hua Fang

Professor of Finance 
Teaching electives: Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Alternative Investments

Lily Fang is an Associate Professor of Finance at INSEAD. She teaches corporate finance, capital markets, valuation, private equity, and entrepreneurial finance in the MBA and Executive Education programmes. She has won the Dean's Commendation Award for Excellence in MBA Teaching, and has taught in and directed numerous Executive Education programmes.



Loïc Sadoulet

Affiliate Professor of Economics
Teaching electives: Macroeconomics, Economic Development, Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets, Microfinance

Loic Sadoulet is an Affiliate Professor of Economics at INSEAD, and Visiting Professor at CEDEP. Loic holds a PhD in Economics from Princeton University. He has been teaching at INSEAD since 2000 in Executive Education, MBA and Executive-MBA programmes.


Bill Magill

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
Teaching elective: Private Equity

Bill has held senior positions in venture capital, investment banking, and market research over the past 20 years, mostly in Silicon Valley. He advises international investors on fund-raising and strategy and teaches PE at INSEAD's Europe campus annually.


Joost De Haas

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
Teaching elective: Managing Corporate Turnarounds

Joost de Haas has (co)founded a number of businesses in various industries and has been active in turnaround management since 2001. Currently, Joost is the CEO of Roto Smeets Group, one of Europe’s leading printing and multimedia companies. Roto Smeets Group is listed on NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam.

Joost has been an active private equity investor for more than 15 years. He specialises in investing in distressed situations and managing turnarounds. 

Deepak Natarajan

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
Teaching elective: Corporate Entrepreneurship

During his 35-year career in Silicon Valley and Asia, Deepak established a strong track record of success and accomplishment as a marketing and sales executive in large organizations, startups, and in venture capital. During the first half of his career at pioneering technology companies including Intel, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, and Autodesk, he led several successful entrepreneurial efforts that established these companies as leaders in new sectors and geographies.  In 2000, Deepak parlayed his experience building high-growth businesses to a career in venture capital at Redwood Ventures and Storm Ventures in Silicon Valley. In 2008, Deepak undertook one more entrepreneurial challenge and moved to Singapore to establish Intel Capital's operations - over an eight-year period, Deepak served on the boards of 10 companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and New Zealand, and India and helped the founders and executives build these companies.


David Lai

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
Teaching elective: Leveraged Buyouts

David Lai was a practitioner in private equity and leveraged buyouts for over 17 years in Asia Pacific/Australasia region, and is one of the pioneers in LBOs in Asia. He founded an independent Asian based buy-out firm, Affinity Equity Partners, following a management spin off from UBS Capital.

David sold his business interest in 2008 and currently teaches and consults on part time basis.


Hans Vanoorbeek

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
Teaching elective: Leveraged Buyouts

Hans Vanoorbeek is managing partner and co-founder of BV Capital Partners since mid 2003. He is also a Director at Aquasourca SA in Luxembourg where he is responsible for their international investments. He is also a senior adviser of Chequer’s Capital, a French private equity firm. He is currently a major shareholder and chairman of the board of Matco NV, Teconex SA and Skulflex AB.

Prior he was active in London in private equity. He was a partner at BC Partners, one of Europe's leading private equity firms between 2000 and 2003 and an Associate Director at Industri Kapital between 1996 and 2000. He was a board member of Pieters Visbedrijf NV (B), Continental Bakeries BV (NL), Fortex NV (NL), Laho Equipment SA (F) and Polyconcept SA (F). 

Hans holds an MBA from Harvard University and he possesses a masters degree in Applied Economics (Universite Catholique de Louvain) (magna cum laude) and a masters degree in Law (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) (cum laude). He also has a bachelor’s in philosophy (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) (cum laude). 


Graham Wrigley

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
Teaching elective: Leveraged Buyouts

Graham was part of the senior management team at Permira where he worked for 17 years. He stepped down in 2006 to focus on economic development in low income countries. He is now Chairman of Aureos (leading SME investor in low income countries), a board member of Manocap a PE firm based in Sierra Leone, and works in microfinance. In 2006 Graham started the LBO course at INSEAD.



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Claudia Zeisberger
Academic Director

Media and Communication

Mengu Kulahci
Centre Coordinator


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