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The bad news about women on boardsFinancial Times. December 1, 2019

Investors Penalize Companies for Adding Women to their BoardsBloomberg Businessweek. November 25, 2019

In the business world, diversity pays. Really. Washington Post. July 30. 2015.

New Extracurricular Program Helps Low-Income YouthsEducation Week. July 30. 2015.

Tutkija, opettaja, vaikuttajaForum24. March 20th. 2015

The Activity GapThe Atlantic. Jan 30. 2015

Split Fortunes Stalk U.S. Children as Inequality WaxesBloomberg Businessweek. Jan 15. 2015

Our disconnected working class. Washington Post. May 15. 2014.

Savvy isn’t simpleThe Economist. Sept 10th 2014

Healthier, not healthyThe Economist. Jan 21. 2014.

Obesity Rates Are Falling Among The Affluent And Well-Educated, But Rising Among The Poor. ThinkProgress. Jan 14. 2014

Money May Buy Your Child a Lower Risk of ObesityBloomberg Businessweek. Jan 14. 2014

Study Says Obesity Is a Poor People ProblemJezebel. Jan 14. 2014.

Among kids in U.S., the rich get thinner and the poor get fatterLos Angeles Times. Jan 13. 2014

Teen obesity linked to income, education and access to sports, new report finds. NBC News. Jan 13. 2014

Poor children are more likely to be obese: Study finds weight problems are creating a 'class divide.' Daily Mail. Jan 13. 2014

The Social Science Behind Obama's Economic-Mobility SpeechThe Atlantic. Dec 5. 2013

Being A User In Mark Zuckerberg and Walter White's WorldForbes. Aug 27. 2013.


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