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Practitioner Publications

Solal, Isabelle and Kaisa Snellman. Why Investors React Negatively to Companies That Put Women on Their BoardsHarvard Business Review. November, 2019.

Snellman, Kaisa, Jennifer M. Silva, and Robert D. Putnam. Inequity Outside the Classroom. Growing Class Differences in Participation in Extracurricular ActivitiesVoices in Urban Education. 40. 7-14, 2015.

Snellman, Kaisa. The Social Disparity Behind America’s Growing Obesity GapHarvard Business Review. January, 2014.

Snellman, Kaisa. The Pope’s “War on Capitalism” and Why Rich Kids Stay RichHarvard Business Review. December, 2013.

Snellman, Kaisa. Humans Are Hard-Wired to Hate Networking INSEAD Knowledge. August 22. 2017.

Snellman, Kaisa. Fighting Inequality Starts with Early Childhood Development INSEAD KnowledgeMarch 24. 2015.

Snellman, Kaisa. No Level Playing Field in After-School Activities INSEAD Knowledge. Jan 23. 2015.

Snellman, Kaisa and Jennifer M. Silva. “College for All” Isn’t a Cure-All for Inequality INSEAD Knowledge. Oct 27. 2014.

Snellman, Kaisa. Obesity in the Young Is Increasingly Class-Based INSEAD Knowledge. Jan 30. 2013.


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