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Practitioner Articles

The Risks and Rewards of Community-Driven Business Models (with Arzi Adbi and Matthew Lee). 2024. INSEAD Knowledge.

ESG is Not Impact. 2023. INSEAD Knowledge.

Using Corporate Social Initiatives to Build a Purpose-Driven Organisation. 2021. INSEAD Knowledge.

What Does the Microfinance Debate Imply for Impact Investing? 2021. INSEAD Knowledge.

From Band-Aid to Deep Impact: Building Effective Social Sector Organisations. 2021. INSEAD Knowledge.

The Three Dimensions of Social Impact. 2021. INSEAD Knowledge.

A ‘Lab in the Field’ Approach to Evidence-Based Management (with Phanish Puranam and Hayagreeva Rao). 2021. INSEAD Knowledge.

When Does Microfinance Do the Most Good (with Pushan Dutt and Arzi Adbi)? 2021. Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange.

How Disempowerment Drives Demand for Risky Skin-Lightening Products (With Zoe Kinias). 2021. INSEAD Knowledge.

How to Overcome ‘Warm Glow’ and Other Barriers to Effective Impact Investment Decisions (with M Lee). 2020. Stanford Social Innovation Review (Online).

What Lies Ahead for the Class of 2020 (with Winnie Jiang)? 2020. INSEAD Knowledge.

Maximising Outcomes in Impact Investing. 2020. INSEAD Knowledge.

The Force for Good Spectrum: Using Business as a Tool. 2020. INSEAD Knowledge.

Why Social Enterprises Still Matter in an Age of “Win-Win". 2020. INSEAD Knowledge.

From Good Intentions to Maximising Your Impact. 2019. INSEAD Knowledge.

Kiva Reinvents Itself. 2019. Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Crowdfunding for Impact? 2019. INSEAD Knowledge.

Sustainable Biz Protects Firms from Future Risks (by Bo-eun Kim based on an interview with me). 2019. The Korea Times.

Using Innovative Finance to Scale Up Corporate Base-of-Pyramid Initiatives (with Jayanth Bhuvaraghan). 2019. INSEAD Knowledge.

The Private Benefits of Corporate Social Initiatives (summary by Marilyn Harris of my research with Christiane Bode). 2019. Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Reflections on Kiva’s Impact Journey (with Premal Shah). 2018. Medium.

Building an Impact Investing Business that Makes a Real Difference. 2018. INSEAD Knowledge.

The Balancing Act of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs (summary by Matt Palmquist of my research with Christiane Bode). 2018. Strategy+Business.

Bottom-Up Corporate Social Responsibility (summary by Marilyn Harris of my research with Christiane Bode). 2018. Stanford Social Innovation Review.

What Employees Get Out of Giving Back (with Christiane Bode). 2017. INSEAD Knowledge.

Is Your Social Enterprise Creating the Impact You Want? 2017. DBS Foundation.

Ad Hoc Promotions Can’t Buy Customer Loyalty (with Serguei Netessine). 2016. INSEAD Knowledge.

Engaging Employees through Corporate Social Initiatives (with Christiane Bode). 2016. The Huffington Post.

Corporate Sustainability Is More than Just Ticking the Regulatory Box. 2015. South China Morning Post.

Corporate Social Impact Initiatives Make Employees More Loyal. 2015. INSEAD Knowledge.

Why Non-Compete Agreements Are Not Always Good for Business. 2015. INSEAD Knowledge.

Study Details the Quirky Geography of Knowledge-Sharing (summary by Peter Dizikes of my research with Matt Marx). 2013. MIT News.

The World Might be Small, But Not for Everyone (summary by Alden Hayash of my research with Morten Hansen and Joel Podolny). 2008. Sloan Management Review.


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