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Case Studies

[Available from Case Centre]

Climeworks: Carbon Dioxide Removal through Direct Air Capture, INSEAD 2024

Double Delta: Pursuing Additionality in Impact Investing, INSEAD 2024

Blake Mycoskie and TOMS, INSEAD 2023

Sama: Building an Ethical AI Business, INSEAD 2022

Aline Sara and NaTakallam (with Devanshee Shukla), INSEAD 2020

Jacqueline Novogratz and Acumen, INSEAD 2019

Kiva’s Impact Strategy (with Eva Wu), INSEAD 2018

Patrimonio Hoy: A Scalable Business Model for Inclusive Housing? (with Arzi Adbi), INSEAD 2018

Credit Suisse: Building an Impact Investing Business in Asia (with Joost Bilkes), INSEAD 2017 [Winner of the 2018 EFMD Case Writing Competition (“Finance and Banking” category)]

Impact Evaluation of the Perry Preschool Programme, INSEAD 2017

Gib Bulloch and Accenture, INSEAD 2017

Trevor Field and the PlayPump, INSEAD 2017

John Wood and Room to Read, INSEAD 2017

Unilever in Vietnam: The ‘Perfect Village’ Initiative (with Helen Duce), INSEAD 2015

Impact Assessment Exercise, INSEAD 2015

LOLC Micro Credit (with Pushan Dutt), INSEAD 2013

Schneider Electric in Rural India: Integrating Social Responsibility with BOP Strategy (with Christiane Bode), INSEAD 2012. [Highly Commended Case, EFMD Case Writing Competition 2012]

Schneider Electric in India: Power Backup Products (with Christiane Bode), INSEAD 2012

Singapore’s Economic Development Strategy and the Biomedical Sciences Cluster, INSEAD 2011

GE Healthcare (A): Innovating for Emerging Markets, INSEAD 2011. [Best Case Award in Strategy and General Management, Case Centre (formerly ecch) Awards 2014]

GE Healthcare (B): A CSR Dilemma, INSEAD 2011

i2 Technologies, Inc. (with Ananth Raman), HBS 1998


Jasjit Singh
Professor of Strategy
INSEAD Asia Campus
1 Ayer Rajah Avenue
Singapore 138676

Tel: +65 6799 5341

Assistant: Nadiah Abdul Razak
Tel: +65 6407 7149
Email: [email protected]