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Content Overview


The Competitive Strategy programme aims to quickly and effectively sharpen participants’ competitive strategic skills as managers. Using case studies developed at INSEAD, participants identify the key analytical strategies needed to achieve long-term business success. 

Participants learn the latest strategic concepts and tools, seek to change the way they manage by blending rigorous strategic logic with a ‘view from the trenches’, and network with a diverse and dynamic group of international peers. They learn to do the following.


Predicting the profitability and profit pools of industries, supply chains and eco-systems 

  • What is the profit outlook of an existing market or a new opportunity?
  • How can you diagnose the profit opportunities along the supply chain?
  • How does technology and digital disruption affect the profitability of your market and eco-system?


Creating unique resources and capabilities 

  • What does it take to be a leader of an industry or eco-system, or to be a successful niche player?
  • When can latecomers successfully challenge seemingly unbeatable competitors?
  • How do eco-system dynamics affect your competitive advantages and disadvantages?


Creating customer value

  • How can you innovate customer value and create profitable growth?
  • How are customer value strategies affected by eco-system and platform dynamics?
  • What are the business and organisational implications of competing with a particular value strategy?


Integrating sustainability thinking into competitive strategy choices

  • How to view sustainability as a strategic opportunity?
  • What are the possible strategies to align sustainability demands and business performance?
  • What are the Key Success Factors to excel at each sustainability strategy?


Competitive strategy and disruption 

  • How does technology and business model disruption affect your business model?
  • How can you respond to disruptors?
  • How can you disrupt and win?


Competing in markets with platform and winner-takes-all dynamics

  • How do eco-systems and platforms change the key success factors of a market?
  • What does it take to get critical mass and win in such markets?
  • What are the strategy options when you fall behind in markets with platforms dynamics?

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