Content Overview

INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy enables you to create ‘blue oceans’ of uncontested market space and to discover how strategic moves – termed ‘Value Innovation’ – can create powerful leaps in value for both the firm and its customers, rendering rivals obsolete and unleashing new demand. It is an intensive four-day programme featuring a mix of lectures, discussions, case analysis and workshops where you will analyse your own business. Hence, you are encouraged to come with a specific challenge that you would like to work on during the programme.


Assessment: How blue is your ocean?

  • Analyse the current ‘As-Is’ situation facing your business
  • Draw the ‘As-Is’ strategic canvas of your business
  • Evaluate the range of industry assumptions and the cost implications
  • Contrast the outcome of a ‘blue ocean’ analysis with the outcome of a ‘red ocean’ perspective


Foundations of blue ocean strategy

  • Identify ‘red’ and ‘blue oceans’
  • Learn how to achieve ‘Value Innovation'
  • Reconstruct market boundaries to break away from the competition
  • Adapt analytical tools such as the 'Strategy Canvas' and 'Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create'


Review and critique
of competitive strategy

  • Evaluate tools and concepts of traditional competitive strategy


Implementing blue ocean strategy

  • Explore the two key approaches central to implementing Blue Ocean Strategy fast and at low cost while winning the support of employees
  • Understand 'Tipping Point Leadership'
  • Use 'Fair Process' in facilitating the execution of a Blue Ocean Strategy for your organisation


Creating new market space

  • Unlock new demand in a market
  • Understand the 'Three Tiers of Non-Customers'
  • Draw your 'Buyer Utility Map'
  • Use the 'Six Paths' framework to reconstruct market boundaries


Looking for your own 'blue ocean'

  • Start the process of searching for a ‘blue ocean’ of new market space
  • Practise using the various tools and frameworks and take advantage of the diverse perspectives of fellow participants 

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