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Programme specific


INSEAD Lead the Future follows a rigorous learning process. Participants are expected to fulfil a certain minimum criteria to earn the Certificate of Completion.

As participants progress through each core module and elective, reviewing the weekly content, they earn points for each activity. Participants need to have earned a certain minimum number of points at the end of each core module and elective. In addition, participants are also required to submit a core project at the end of the core phase.

Successful completion of individual core and elective activities AND submission of a core project will help participants earn a certificate of completion at the end of the programme. 

To successfully complete the programme and earn certification, participants are required to meet all of the following criteria:

  • Complete a minimum of 80% of all in-platform learning activities 
  • Submit at least 3 weekly ALP assignments per core module and one reflection per elective
  • Submit a timely Core project
  • Attend the live virtual delivery of Effective Decision Making for Leaders
  • Attend the three-day Fontainebleau campus Capstone and Graduation

Lead the Future is INSEAD's 12-month transformational flagship online programme that elevates your skills needed to lead in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. 

As a world leading pioneer in leadership development, the INSEAD Lead the Future Certificate enables you to sharpen your focus, gain the specialised tools to expand your capabilities - to adapt and drive meaningful impact and relevant results. 

It enables executives to respond to volatile and ambiguous contexts, looking beyond short-term gains to understand the larger context and create sustainable value and impact for various stakeholders. 

The programme is designed for senior executives, mid-level leaders, high-potential managers, and enterprising professionals looking to collaborate and exchange expertise, experience and insights with other motivated and visionary leaders to drive impact and change.

Our diversity is our distinguishing feature. INSEAD is probably the only school where you will find 30 nationalities in the same class. Just like our face-to-face programmes, this programme will include participants from all industry backgrounds and nationalities, with one common thread binding them together – a goal to learn about the topics being discussed, interact with fellow participants to acquire a global perspective and develop tools to take back and apply to their everyday work.

With so many different national and cultural perspectives to learn from, you really will start to see things differently. By challenging your old assumptions, you will become aware of new possibilities and start to understand how very different people think.

No, this programme is not eligible for the Certificate in Global Management.


INSEAD Lead the Future is not eligible for continuing education or professional development units.

Learning Experience


After the conclusion of the Core phase, participants will attend a live virtual introduction to electives. This will be an opportunity for participants to better understand the choices available to them and which electives best meet their leadership development needs.

Each week on a core module or elective, participants should expect to spend approximately 4-6 hours and potentially up to 2 additional hours/week to complete Action Learning Practice (ALPs). You can expect to devote 1-2 hours per week watching video lectures on fundamental concepts, 1 hour per week on interacting with fellow participants in discussions or reflecting on the concepts through quizzes and reflections, and 2-3 hours per week in applying the fundamental concepts in an ALP to understand their relevance to your everyday work. 

INSEAD Lead the Future is designed in a manner to encourage the whole class to learn together, moving at a certain pace from week to week, while providing enough flexibility within each week for the participants to review the content at their own convenience.

Each core module and elective has either 4-6 weeks of content. Each week of content is released on a Friday. For example, if Week 1 opens on Friday, July 7, then you have time till Monday, July 24 to finish watching the content of Week 1.

While a week is open, you can log in anytime at your convenience and review the weekly content at your own pace, as the learning design is asynchronous. From time-to-time, the faculty will hold live calls, which will take place at a particular time, and you will need to be online at the given time. These live calls would typically take place following the Central European Time to accommodate the maximum participants across the globe. We will also record these live calls for those participants who are unable to join the live session.

The programme is fully online and is a mix of asynchronous learning (through videos, quizzes, discussions, projects, live forums, webinars, Townhalls, etc) and live online interactions with fellow participants, learning coach and faculty.

The programme concludes with a 3-day Capstone and Graduation held on our Fontainebleau campus in France. During the Capstone participants will enjoy face-to-face workshops and classes.

We purposefully manage class sizes to ensure ample faculty-to-participant time. INSEAD faculty would be reading your questions posted on the platform and will be answering your questions during the scheduled live calls. The faculty would be further assisted in these interactions by the learning coach, acting as a bridge between the participants and the faculty. 

Yes, of course! The learning experience is especially designed to encourage interaction and simulate as close an experience to face-to-face as possible. Participants would be able to interact with each other through discussion forums, live forums, webinars, virtual networking and cocktails, Leader forums, and Townhalls, interspersed throughout the learning journey.

In addition, INSEAD Lead the Future concludes with a 3-day Capstone and Graduation on our Fontainebleau campus in France for face-to-face workshops and classes.

Each core module and elective’s learning platform has a Leaderboard. This Leaderboard panel displays a learner’s personal points and badges earned. The panel shows ‘My score’ relative to your cohort and top scorers.

Certification and Alumni status


Upon successful completion of all core and elective activities combined with satisfactory completion of your core project plus attendance on the three-day capstone and graduation, participants will be awarded an official INSEAD Lead the Future Certificate.

In addition, upon completion of the programme graduates will gain alumni status for a period of 3 years, with the option to continue the membership thereafter on a minimal annual fee basis. For further details about the benefits of alumni status contact the programme advisor.

Participants will also be invited to be a part of an ongoing learning community, details of which will be shared at the end of the programme.

INSEAD Lead the Future does not count towards Continuing Education Units (CEU).

However in the event participants require validation of training hours, upon completion of the programme INSEAD can provide a letter validating the number of training hour. Participants are requested to get in touch with the Admissions team via email at [email protected]

Technical Queries


INSEAD Lead the Future's learning platform can be accessed on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. 
Currently supported browsers (usually based on support of latest two browser versions) are:

Chrome: version 31+
Safari: version 7+
Firefox: version 26+
E: version 10+

The application uses modern web development approaches (HTML 5) so that it can function responsively across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones without the need of players or add-ons like adobe flash player. 

Yes. At the moment we do not support offline access of content so you will need to have access to the Internet whenever you want to access the programme content.


Yes. Core module and elective content of the programme is available to you up to 6 months from the graduation date.

Application and Payment Process



Similar to our face-to-face programmes, we have an application and admission process in place for Lead the Future to ensure a diverse and motivated group of participants for a rich learning experience. It is important for all participants that the programme brings together different profiles of leaders with different experiences, professional expertise and business responsibility. Visit the Participant Profile page to discover typical Lead the Future profiles.

The application form asks prospective participants questions around their professional background and motivations to join the programme. It also requests the submission of an optional reference via the company application form or self-funded application form. Admissions are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, taking into consideration the applicant’s fit for the programme, their learning objectives, potential contribution to the programme and the diversity within the class.

We recommend that you submit your completed application as early as possible to avoid disappointment. The admissions committee will review your application and advise you on the outcome as soon as possible. 

If your company or organisation would like to find out more about Lead the Future and the possibility to enrol multiple employees, please send an email to the programme advisor.

A complete application form must be submitted to the Executive Education Enrolment Admissions and Customer support team.

An application is only considered complete if it has been signed by all the relevant parties:

  1. The applicant
  2. Sponsor(s), if applying through your employer

The Admissions Committee reviews all applications to ensure that each participant fulfils the requirements and any pre-requisite request for the programme. The Admissions Team will then confirm if you are accepted onto the programme.

Should you not be admitted onto your chosen programme, a follow-up conversation between you and the programme advisor is conducted to determine which other programme might be suitable or relevant.

  1. Contact an expert advisor for programme information and for guidance through the process
  2. Submit your complete application form
  3. Receive acceptance notification email by the Admissions Team
  4. Make payment for the programme upon receipt of the invoice
Before submitting your application, please ensure that all relevant documents have been included so that your application is complete.
  • Session you are applying for
  • Exact company name, contact and address for invoicing (if applicable)
  • Objectives in attending the programme
  • VAT number (for countries in the EU)
  • CV and updated employment record
  • Completed company application form OR Self-funded application form
  • Signed and dated Terms and Conditions document
  • Candidate (and sponsor's) signature

For admitted participants, an invoice will be sent to the person indicated on the application form approximately 2 months before the beginning of the programme.

Payment is due on receipt of the invoice and should be received before INSEAD Lead the Future starts. Further payment details are given on the invoice.

Any queries regarding invoice matters may be directed to the Admissions Team at [email protected].

The programme fee covers online tuition, course materials, and all virtual activities including forums, webinars, Townhalls and cocktails. It does not include travel, accommodation, and other incidentals related to the 3-day Capstone and Graduation on our Fontainebleau campus.

Participants will have to settle accommodation expenses and other incidentals before the end of the programme.

The Client may cancel the Application Form by giving INSEAD written notice at any time to the INSEAD Executive Education Department.

If the Client cancels the Application Form before the content of the first week is released no cancellation fee shall apply. If the Client cancels the Application Form after the content of the first week is released, the Client shall be liable to pay INSEAD 100% of the cost of Tuition Fee.

To read the full terms and conditions please click here.

INSEAD Lead the Future concludes with a 3-day Capstone and Graduation on our Fontainebleau campus in France. We encourage you to check directly with your embassy to determine whether you need an entry visa for France.

Taking an Executive Education programme is an important investment in your development. As a participant, you want to be in the most suitable programme with the best impact and your company needs to view it as an investment worth making. Therefore, you sometimes need to build a ‘business case’ to clearly outline why the programme is appropriate. You may need to demonstrate the value and benefits of INSEAD’s Executive Education programmes for your organisation, your department, your team and yourself.

We have put together a document detailing some of the additional expenses that you may incur while attending INSEAD Lead the Future's 3-day Capstone and Graduation on our Fontainebleau campus. Please note that this is for your reference only, as further information will be given to you at the time of your registration.

INSEAD Lead the Future's programme manager will be in touch around 8 weeks prior to the on-campus Capstone and Graduation start date to communicate information about accommodation.

The approximate cost of on-campus accommodation in Fontainebleau is €850 per week.

For more information on accommodation on Fontainebleau campus click here. 

Our Fontainebleau campus has:

  • A Research & Learning Hub with books, periodicals and online access to business and management issues
  • A restaurant in which lunches are served buffet-style, with a wide variety allowing you to select dishes according to taste and dietary requirements
  • A health and fitness centre 
  • A bookshop selling a wide variety of business books, international newspapers and magazines, stationery, basic toiletries, postcards, maps and souvenirs


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