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Advanced Negotiations

Build the focused understanding, agility, honed capabilities and expert toolkit of the most skilled and successful negotiators.

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4 weeks

Programme Content

Over four consecutive weeks, you will have the choice to pursue the electives that best map to your personal and specific needs and interests.

In week one, you complete two mandatory electives that will ground you in the dynamics of expert negotiation. Over the following three weeks, you select one of two options each week, to customise your learning.

Week 1: Mandatory Electives 


Critical Moments

  • Learn how to manage your energy in line with negotiation scenarios
  • Anticipate and diagnose common and unique critical moments
  • Discover best practices that facilitate good decision making during critical moments
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Difficult Behaviours

  • Learn how to minimise the odds of the counterparty becoming problematic
  • Diagnose and make sense amidst numerous challenging tactics
  • Practice robust strategies to convert difficult into productive negotiation behaviours

Week 2: Choose 1 of 2


Virtual Negotiation

  • Appreciate the important differences between F2F and virtual negotiations
  • Diagnose when negotiations require unique virtual strategies
  • Practice tactics to choose and negotiate through the “best” channels
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Internal & Team Negotiations

  • Diagnose the differences between internal and external negotiations
  • Learn how to build and lead high-performance negotiation teams
  • Understand how to lead your team to bridge external and internal negotiations

Week 3: Choose 1 of 2

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Negotiating Conflict

  • Learn what leads to conflict and how you can manage your own
  • Understand how to manage particularly emotional and difficult negotiations
  • Practice how to mediate third party disputes towards agreement
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Cross-cultural & Gender Negotiations

  • Understand the impact that culture and gender have on negotiations
  • Learn how to diagnose cultural and gender from other negotiation challenges
  • Practice negotiation strategies and moves that work across cultures and genders and how to bridge cultural and gender differences

Week 4: Choose 1 of 2


Negotiating Power & Power Differences

  • Differentiate negotiation power from power in a negotiation
  • Understand the different sources of negotiation power and their pros and cons
  • Learn how to maximise your leverage independently of your initial position

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Multiparty negotiation, Consensus Building & Stakeholder management

  • Appreciate the additional complexities of multiparty vs 1-on-1 negotiations
  • Learn how to lead multiparty negotiation dynamics and its many stakeholders
  • Practice consensus building strategies to build sustainable agreements