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Content Overview


Strategic Decision Making for Leaders brings together quantitative analysis drawn from management science and psychology, in the decision science tradition. The programme is divided into two parts.

Part I.
Decision-making: Building an effective team


When it comes to minimising cognitive bias, are groups better than individuals? Or is this true only for groups that follow a rigorous decision-making process? Learn to build an exceptional team that outperforms individuals and improves decision-making at the highest level.

Develop critical thinking

  • Learn about the cognitive processes behind the biases that affect decision-making
  • Gain insights on improving individual and team judgements and decision-making processes
  • Discover obstacles to change, and devise effective methods for moving past them

Improve decision-making processes

  • Understand the typical steps in a large organisation’s decision process – and implications on risk management and leading change
  • Navigate common traps in implementing a rigorous process of decision-making
  • Understand the different roles that individuals and groups play in decision-making, and how such processes can be managed fairly
  • Accelerate your learning by applying easy-to-use rules

Part II.
Decision-making: Nudges for sustainable leadership


This part of the programme focuses on decision-making and nudges in the context of long-term sustainability and leadership. You will explore ways to help your organisation mitigate the risks of short-term thinking and improve decision-making for the long term.

Design insightful experiments
and tap into the power of nudges*

  • Learn what nudges are, and why governments and organisations use them to influence the behavioural choices and decision-making of groups and individuals
  • Learn to apply simple data science techniques and devise insightful experiments to improve individual and team judgements and decision-making
  • Understand which tasks are best undertaken by humans rather than left to statistical algorithms and automation

Drive long-term sustainability
through better decision-making

  • Discover how the decisions you make as a result of cognitive biases can hinder your organisation in the long term
  • Learn practical tools to mitigate cognitive biases to improve long-term decision-making
  • Learn how you can tackle the problem of ‘short-termism’, particularly in large organisations regularly exposed to severe risks and uncertainties

*Nudges are light-touch behavioural change interventions. Learn more »

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