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Strategic Decision Making for Leaders

Improve your decision-making skills holistically through leveraging management science and psychology, as well as the newly introduced concepts of data and AI.

Upcoming Sessions
3 days

Content Overview

Strategic Decision Making for Leaders brings together quantitative analysis drawn from management science and psychology, in the decision science tradition. And NEW! for 2024, brings you an additional day of content to introduce methods and tools rooted in data-driven analytics, AI (including Generative AI) and Machine Learning.

Data-Driven Analytics & AI - NEW!

  • Obtain an edge with the introduction of methods and tools for data-driven analytics including data science, AI (and Generative AI) and Machine Learning.

  • Learn how to systematically identify and plan data-driven decision-making projects tied around newly introduced concepts.

Power of 'Nudges' for sustainable leadership

  • Explore practical frameworks drawn from management science and psychology to improve your decision-making skills.

  • Learn what nudges* are, and why governments and organisations use them to influence the behavioural choices and decision-making of groups and individuals.

Building an effective team

Develop critical thinking

  • Discover how the decisions you make as a result of cognitive biases can hinder your organisation.

  • Improve individual and team judgement through practical applications on your own real-world situations and insightful experiments to grow technical familiarity.

Improve long-term decision-making processes and drive sustainability

  • Understand the typical steps in a large organisation’s decision process – and implications on risk management and leading change

  • Discover how to manage your decision process better through 'fair process' leadership techniques and navigate common traps encountered in the rigorous process of decision-making.

  • Explore how sustainable decision-making processes can help your organisation avoid the pitfalls of a short-term focus, particularly in large organisations regularly exposed to severe risks and uncertainties.

*Nudges are light-touch behavioural change interventions. Learn more