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As a first time-manager, you will need a new set of communication skills to motivate and inspire your team. Some of the most critical skills include: setting effective goals, diagnosing motivation problems, providing feedback, reinforcing good performance, correcting undesired behaviour and resolving conflicts. Research suggests that mastering interpersonal skills early in your career can create a lasting effect on your reputation and ability as a leader. 

Mastering these aspects of effective management requires an experiential rather than just a conceptual approach to learning and development – actively engaging in role plays, peer feedback, case discussions and team exercises.

Designed with your training needs in mind, Learning to Lead focuses on four key managerial roles.



  • Set effective goals and expectations within your team
  • Translate organisational vision and strategy into individual action plans for your team
  • Examine the benefits and limits of goal setting




  • Learn tools and techniques to analyse motivation problems
  • Leverage reward systems
  • Manage high and low performers effectively




  • Diagnose performance problems
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Effectively resolve conflicts




  • Provide effective coaching and development
  • Assess individual capabilities and team contributions
  • Leverage team diversity and build team spirit
  • Chart your leadership future


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