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Executive Education


Leading Across Borders and Cultures

Learn to master cross-cultural relationships and create winning strategies that integrate both local and global perspectives.

Upcoming Sessions
5 days

Content Overview

Leading Across Borders and Cultures demands active involvement in the uniquely multicultural environment that is the INSEAD campus. The content is based on INSEAD’s world-leading research in the field of global leadership – much of it carried out by the programme faculty members themselves

Build global leadership expertise

Examine the unique dynamics and challenges of leading in global roles. Through case studies, class discussions, small-group work and videotaped interviews with successful global leaders, you will examine success factors, reflect on your own profile, and then identify action steps to improve your capabilities.

Enhance cross-cultural effectiveness

Learn to decode cultural differences that affect your business’s success, avoid culture traps and bridge gaps. The programme director has conducted research and works from a ‘Culture Map’ which looks at benchmarking your own leadership style based on eight cross-cultural dimensions.

Improve virtual team management

It is the norm today for companies to have teams dispersed across countries, cultures and time zones – colleagues who are expected to work together while at the same time working apart. The programme will help you better structure teamwork and more effectively manage team members when each person is in a different location.