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Collaborative Leadership

Learn how market-leading organisations are shifting to systems of empowered teams and how you can make change happen.

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5 days

Content Overview

The Collaborative Leadership programme integrates three interlocking parts that together form the roadmap you need to transform your leadership, your organisation and your continuing success in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

Exploring new models of decentralised organisational design

The first part of the programme will provide the conceptual framework for the course, exploring the new generation of organisational design and how they deliver greater productivity, engagement and results. The topics covered in this part include:

  • Understanding the functions and dysfunctions of traditional hierarchical organisations
  • Mastering the principles and varieties of decentralised organising models, such as self-management, autonomous teams, holacracy and agile
  • Leveraging the benefits and overcoming the challenges of decentralised organising

Understanding and practising collaborative leadership principles

Understand how principles of the new models of organising into the concrete everyday realities of leading teams and organisations. In this part of the course, we will cover the three metaphors of collaborative leadership and provide concrete tools on how to manifest collaborative leadership in practice. The topics covered include:

  • Learning how to architect the structures and processes that will nurture empowerment while ensuring clear accountability
  • Building leading-edge adult-to-adult communication skills to nurture and unleash the talent in your team and organisation
  • Facilitating productive, effective, and collaborative meetings
  • Understanding psychological safety and how to foster it
  • Mastering the tools for empowered and agile decision-making.

Strengthening your collaborative leadership

The third part of the programme allows you to examine your own personal collaborative leadership challenges through an experiential leadership workshop. Working in groups under the guidance of expert coaches, you will gain feedback and self-awareness around your own leadership challenges while practicing core collaborative leadership competencies.

The workshop culminates in an individual action plan to implement after the programme with the support of the INSEAD coaches. Topics covered include:

  • Identifying and analysing your personal strengths and challenges with respect to collaborative leadership
  • Developing your own personalised plan for cultivating and strengthening collaborative leadership competencies.