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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the Aspiring Directors Programme.

The programme really underscored the need to reinforce your competencies, which totally dovetailed with my own intuition as a ‘newcomer’ board member. I also took away the importance of being selective about roles. The programme gives you that insight into how much it matters that you have a good fit with organisation and with other board members, because the role of the board in defining strategy is so very crucial.”

Solenne Niedercorn-Desouches, Independent Advisor and Non Executive Director

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The Aspiring Directors Programme was a wonderful opportunity! I really enjoyed the high quality of the interventions. We were taught about key topics such as governance and finance of course, and also issues that Directors can NOT be unaware such as sustainability and digitalisation. Beside the content in itself, which was shared with a lot of expertise and passion, I also very much enjoyed the incredible mix of the students, geographically speaking (we were from Luxembourg, Switzerland, Brazil,…) but also regarding our profiles. Our sharing was very inspiring and will certainly have a sustainable impact on me!

Emanuelle Humann

Head of Corporate Responsibility (CSR), BGL BNP Paribas

As the name suggested the Aspiring Directors Program provided a holistic view on board work. Like other participants, as chief compliance officer, corporate secretary and member of various sub-board committees for our banking group’s European hub, it was more about a focussed preparation than an introduction. Connecting the dots between the familiar and the wider picture with the excellent guidance of brilliant tutors and  exchange with experienced and diverse participants made it an extremely valuable learning experience. Beware, INSEAD training can be addictive!

Moritz Von Kunow

Compliance & Legal - Cheif Compliance Officer, Bank of Communications (Luxembourg) S.A.

I always thought that these brief executive education programs are overvalued on the basis that they are mainly financed by the employer. The INSEAD experience proved exactly the opposite. If I had to allocate a cost – benefit multiplier, the overall benefit is at least 10x the cost. On top of that, after a week in the course, I felt that my brain has eliminated a lot of “routine trash” and fresh thinking has prevailed since then. I am looking forward to the next INSEAD executive education experience

Apostolos Malouchos

First Vice President, EFG Bank Luxembourg S.A.

The case studies were extremely helpful to put the theory into practice. It was key for all of us to understand that the independent director role comes with responsibility to set the strategy and framework for the CEO (and that the board of directors do not have an executive role) – we must stand back. The professors were top who provided us with international insights, case studies and in-depth knowledge and experience. The group spirit was great with participants that are now in my close network.

Kathrin Wolff Schmandt

Executive Director / Head of Marketing, UBS AG

This program gave me a wonderful introduction about the corporate governance world and its special tricks. This was not only theory but also practise: the scenarios they threw us into showed us how you can feel and act being in a board. The professors were very competent and so insightful. So were the participants of the program, listening to them and learning from their experience was for me one of the best part of that week. To summarize, I would say that this program helped me to grasp what it needs to be great and efficient in a board room.

Mattieu Detaille

Data Engineer Specialist, Proximus Luxembourg

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