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Q2 2022-2023 activity update

Hoffmann Institute

Q2 2022-2023 activity update

Q2 2022-2023 activity update

We held faculty luncheons on two campuses focusing on gender and inclusion, and the insecurity trap

We convened two faculty luncheons and invited INSEAD professors Ilia Tsetlin of Decision Sciences and Kaisa Snellman of Organizational Behaviour to speak to our faculty.

We started a blog series on how INSEAD’s nine academic areas integrate sustainability in research and teaching

We launched a new blog series titled ‘Lessons in Sustainability’. Each month we sit down with the Chair of each academic area to hear how sustainability features across their area’s teaching, knowledge creation and engagement. We have released two features so far focusing on Economics and Political Science with Professor Pushan Dutt as well as Strategy with Professor Andrew Shipilov.

We welcomed Beatrice Di Mauro as a Hoffmann Institute Distinguished Research Fellow

Beatrice is working to promote the collaboration between INSEAD and CEPR. Her research focuses on Climate Change and Sustainable Finance. You can find out more about her work here.

We published two Crossroads opinion papers on climate change in Africa and on the top 5 global trends for business and society in 2023

Continuing to work with faculty, Dr Vinika D. Rao and Professor Prashant Yadav authored the paper ‘Confronting Climate Change’ based on a panel discussion during SDG week, when experts discussed how the climate emergency is impacting Africa. Dean Ilian Mihov, HGIBS Executive Director Katell Le Goulven and HGIBS Academic Director Mark Stabile, took stock of global conversations to produce a paper on the ‘Five Global Trends in Business and Society for 2023’

We hosted conversations in the SDG tent at Davos on advancing universal healthcare coverage, and reconciling income and impact

We continued our partnership with InTent, to host two sessions at the SDG tent in Davos this year. We brought together practitioners and experts to discuss achieving Universal Healthcare by 2030 in emerging market countries. We also hosted a masterclass session with chaired INSEAD Professor Subi Rangan on how to achieve both income and impact. Read the write up of the events here and also see our YouTube channel with relevant content.

We interviewed Bill Drayton to launch the third Season of our Mission to Change podcast focusing on social entrepreneurship

To launch our third season of Mission to Change we spoke to Bill Drayton, he is known for coining the term ‘social entrepreneur’ as well as co-founding Ashoka, a network of changemakers addressing the world’s most pressing problems. Drayton takes us on a journey from the beginning of the social entrepreneurship movement as he coined the term, what it means to be a social entrepreneur and understand how Ashoka works with social entrepreneurs. Listen here

In memory of our dear colleague, we launched the INSEAD Hans Wahl Impact Entrepreneurship Programme

The INSEAD Hans H. Wahl Impact Entrepreneurship Programme was launched with Executive Education. This partner programme, in Hans’ name, is geared to help impact venture leaders develop their leadership and management skills to support a growing social enterprise or impact venture. The programme will start in May 2023 and continue the work that Hans started and championed.

We co-hosted the 2nd edition of INSEAD Health Week, and invited the Fontainebleau community onto campus for Les Conférences de l’INSEAD

In collaboration with the MiMs, Europe and Asia campus hosted Health Week from 31st January to 2nd February. Three external speakers joined us in person on our Europe Campus to deliver insightful hybrid talks for students, faculty, and staff. Read our LinkedIn wrap up post here.

We completed another series of Les Conference de INSEAD. We held two talks about ‘Croissance Verte’ and ‘Relations entre les Etats-Uni, l’Europe, et la chine après ; a guerre d’Ukraine’, visit the dedicated website to find out more and watch recordings of past events.

We participated in INSEAD Climate Journey workshops dedicated to Scope 3

As part of the project “INSEAD Climate Journey”, the Steering Committee and a Faculty Advisory Group are examining Scope 3 emissions with the current objective to develop a broadly consulted and shared point of view of the risk, the impact, and the opportunity of scope 3 emissions, and a recommendation for the possible mitigation and adaptation measures. The team has held 2 workshops identifying the level of ambition, potential reduction levers and methodology for GHG emissions measurements.

We published INSEAD’s 2020-21 Sustainability report

INSEAD’s sustainability report, for the first time, was written to align with four different frameworks: the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the principles and pillars of action of the United Nations Academic Impact and UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). The data and insights contained in this report not only help us account for our progress on sustainability, but also highlight our strengths and opportunities across departments and locations. Read the report here.

That’s it for the first quarter. Looking ahead, you are all warmly invited to save the date to join us for :

The Hoffmann Institute is hosting a Business and Society Summit to take stock of and celebrate 5 years of work on sustainability at INSEAD. The Summit will review progress and explore trends to consider to further integrate sustainability in business education.

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