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Apart from Core Courses, there is a two-week “practical-learning” module in each period, where you will be taught how to apply the classroom learning into real-life situations. This will ensure that you are ready to execute things when you join your future employers. Alongside this innovative curriculum, there will be additional workshops on soft skills.

Period 1

Get ready to put things into action. You will apply tools learnt in Data Analysis and basic programming/excel to answer marketing-related questions. As part of the course, ethical issues related to marketing and big data use will be included. 

You will learn basic tools to prepare and ace in interviews, as well as in your job.

You will learn how to build a personal “tool-kit” of techniques for effective communication directly relevant to your future business career and leadership development.

Period 2

You will get to determine which costs to include in a project and company valuation, as well as forecast financial statements based on projects/deals.

In this workshop, you will acquire basic knowledge of programming so that you understand what code is, and apply it to your job immediately. 

Period 3

During this course, students will learn about the challenges and opportunities in Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the broader region through classroom lectures, site visits and talks with local business leaders and regional experts.

This 2-week module will familiarise you with the process of running the business model innovation. You will get connected with entrepreneurial alumni and businesses as examples of business model innovations, and apply Data Science methods learnt in your core modules. 

Hone your communication ability by learning how to structure a presentation that best conveys information and data. 

Period 4

This course is split into two parts: 1) Understanding Innovation in China and/or the USA; 2) Blue Ocean Strategy as an overarching theme to identify new opportunities.

Learn how to write effectively and organise meetings in a structured way. 

Period 5

You will get familiarised with project management tools and the agile method.

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