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GEMBA Programme


Career Development


Executive MBA Career Development

GEMBA participants have diverse needs for career support. You may be part of an organisation where you are already on your way to building a successful career, or you may be looking to progress your career in a new organisation or a new field. Our Career Development team is dedicated to Executive MBA careers and addresses both your “internal-career” needs (making the most of your career within your present organisation) and your “external-career” needs (making a change outside your organisation). In both cases, INSEAD is recognised by companies worldwide as a key source of talent and career development.

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Career Development Activities


Career Development Tools and Activities

Head of Employer Engagement - Henrik Jonson discusses the various tools and activities available to INSEAD Executive MBA participants and what to expect from the Career Development Centre during the programme.


On topics such as CV and cover letter writing, networking skills and negotiation skills


Career Advice Sessions

Career Coaching Sessions

Executive Profiles Book. 

Defining Professional Development Goals

Open to all participants throughout the programme, a series of activities, including workshops and career advice sessions, is designed to help you bring into focus your individual goals for professional development. Whether you are internal-career or external-career focused, we encourage you take this opportunity to reflect on your career trajectory.

Using a variety of effective tools and frameworks, we support you in the process of self-assessment and discovery, in conjunction with the Leadership Development Programme. INSEAD’s Career Development professionals are here to help you engineer not just greater success but also personal fulfilment in your career.




If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.

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INSEAD does not provide a placement service. However, the INSEAD EMBA Career Development team offers support in career management strategy and delivers professional development advice.

Our dedicated EMBA Career Development team provides individual career advice sessions and access to career coaches. They also conduct workshops on campus or via WebEx on topics like CV writing, interviews skills, cover letter, strategy on job search etc. and publish a CV book (for self-sponsored participants). Furthermore, the Career Development team maintains dedicated online resources such as an EMBA career intranet website and an INSEAD recruitment platform with specific job postings for EMBAs.

Participants have access as soon as the programme starts and up until graduation. After graduation, they become alumni and fall into the remit of the Alumni Career Development Centre offering a life-long support.

Participants who are more than 51% sponsored for their tuition fee have limited access to the Career Development offerings. If this is your case and you wish to gain full access to all services, you will need to provide us with a letter of permission from your company. 

When you have decided on your target, your coach can help you with a strategy and our team of Employer Engagement specialists can give you advice on approaching companies in their portfolio. You may search for opportunities on CareerGlobe, and we have the resources to help you get your CV and LinkedIn profile into good shape. We can also help you with mock interviews and guide you on your networking approach.

Companies hardly recruit EMBA participants solely because of the EMBA degree. They recruit specific profiles, with specific experiences and skills. Candidates will be recruited because of their experience, their skills, and the added value they can bring to the organisation. Few recruiters are coming on campus for EMBAs only. Companies interested in hiring experienced and senior individuals will prefer to engage with EMBA participants on a one-to-one basis, targeting specific profiles and relevant experience, rather than an entire class. This does not mean that companies are not active with INSEAD when it comes to EMBAs, but rather that their approach is different as compared to the big recruitment drives of the full-time MBA programme.

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