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Faculty & Research


Heinz Thanheiser

Emeritus Professor of Strategy and Management


Additional Information
Research Areas
  • Corporate Change and Renewal
Teaching Areas
  • Strategy and Management with special interest in Corporate Renewal
  • Executive Action Learning Programmes with Board/Executive Committee involvement


Emeritus Professor of Strategy and Management, Heinz Thanheiser received his doctoral degree from Harvard University, his MBA from INSEAD, and the Diplomkaufman from the Wirtschaftsuniversität in his native Vienna.

His early research on the strategies and structures of large German corporations was published as The Emerging European Enterprise (Macmillan 1976) with co-author Gareth Dyas. Since joining INSEAD in 1972, he has taught strategy and business policy in many of the school's programmes, written case studies and articles on strategy and planning, directed numerous executive programmes, and from 1980 to 1985, served as Dean of INSEAD.

The focus of his current work is on competitive revitalisation and leading change in multinational corporations. A recent paper, The art and science of corporate renewal (in Mastering Strategy, FT/Prentice Hall, 2000 with Yves Doz) draws conclusions from a wide variety of corporate renewal processes.

Among other assignments he has worked with a major European airline and a national telecom on transformational activities to cope with deregulation and privatisation. He also conducts senior management workshops and action learning programs, e.g. with multinationals in the automotive, energy, construction/telecom, software and financial sectors.

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