Jürgen Mihm is a professor of technology and operations management, and he is the director of the "Strategic R&D Management " open-enrollment executive programme. He holds a Doctorate degree from WHU’s Otto Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar, Germany as well as a joint degree in Business and Electrical Engineering (Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing.) from Technische Universität Darmstadt.

Jürgen's research explores how established companies can make their innovation efforts more nimble and effective. He is especially interested in addressing coordination issues within large engineering programs, in devising incentives for innovation, and (more recently) in integrating design and design thinking into existing organizations. His research has appeared in leading journals, such as Management Science, Organization Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, and Production and Operations Management. Jürgen helps edit New Product Development and Innovation manuscripts currently as Departmental Editor for Productions and Operations Management and as Associate Editor for both Management Science and Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

Jürgen teaches in the Executive, PhD, EMBA, and MBA programs on topics related to innovation and R&D management. He designs and directs programs in R&D management for Executives—programs that are open to the general public in addition to custom programs for a diverse range of clients.

Prior to his position at INSEAD, Jürgen was a long-standing consultant with McKinsey & Company in Frankfurt, Germany. There he primarily served clients in the semiconductor and automotive sectors. His specializations were technology and operations management.

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Executive Education Program

In Executive Education, Jürgen’s focus is on the strategic questions that senior R&D managers (should) ask themselves to increase the value of their operations. He directs programs and also teaches individual sessions in those programs.

Jürgen directs the SRDM Open Enrollment Program, which is a one-week program offered twice a year on the INSEAD Europe campus. This program is aimed at upper mid-level and senior-level R&D managers, and its content accordingly focuses on strategic issues in R&D management and innovation—with a particular emphasis on linking the R&D function to the firm’s overall business strategy. It covers topics ranging from identifying sources of innovation, the formulation of an R&D strategy, building an R&D portfolios via defining good innovation processes and building innovative teams to defining good measurement systems for R&D.

Jürgen also works with individual clients directly in designing and running custom programs that center on making innovation happen within organizations. He has worked with both public and private companies in the life sciences and in the mechanical and aeronautical industries.

Jürgen’s teaching interests in Executive education include formulating innovation strategies, building innovation portfolios, and creating an organizational environment conducive to innovation by way of choosing appropriate innovation processes and identifying measurement systems that are relevant.

EMBA & MBA Programs

Jürgen teaches the EMBA elective course entitled “Innovation Management”. It addresses issues related to the management of new product development, and it adopts the perspective of a senior manager who must design an NPD organization and also establish its strategic purpose in the firm’s overall context. This course covers topics that include identifying the sources of innovation, formulating good innovation strategies, developing a project and technology portfolio, choosing an appropriate innovation process, managing cost and performance, and the pros and cons of product modularity.

In the MBA program, Jürgen teaches the elective “Strategies for Product and Service Development”. Although this course also covers some strategic aspects of R&D management, it complements that coverage with more applied topics related to the development process itself.

PhD Program

Jürgen teaches two courses in the PhD program. In one of these, the “Technology Management Seminar”, students read and discuss seminal and recent papers on the management of technology and new product development. The goal of his second course, “From Idea to Paper”, is to immerse students in the process of writing a paper-by actually writing a paper.

Pedagogical Material Development

  • McKinsey and Lunar (with Manuel Sosa). Case study on how to acquire new capabilities, especially design capabilities, via acquisition (pre-release)
  • Portfolio Management at Printing Equipment (with Christoph Loch): Half- or full-day simulation game of portfolio management in R&D (for MBA and Executive Education)
  • NPD Incentive Game: Half-day simulation game based on the role of incentives in NPD (for MBA and Executive Education)
  • EUROCONTROL Experimental Center (with Christoph Loch): Case study on project management in the context of changing project objectives (pre-release)
  • American Switching Systems (with Christoph Loch): Renovation of a case study on project selection in NPD (original study undertaken by Christoph Loch in 1996)

Research Interests

• Dynamics of large scale innovation projects
• Product architectures
• Incentives in large-scale NPD projects
• Design patent research


Refereed Publications:

• Chen, Z.; J. Mihm; Jochen Schlapp, 2020, Sourcing Innovation: Integrated System or Individual Components?, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, forthcoming

• Chan, T.; J. Mihm; M. Sosa, 2019, Revisiting the Role of Collaboration in Creating Breakthrough Inventions, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, forthcoming

Finalist of the 2018 TIMES Best Working Paper Award

Featured in HarvardBusiness Review's Idea Watch March-April 2020

Pennetier, C.; K. Girotra; J. Mihm, 2019, R&D Spending: Dynamic or Persistent?, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 21(3), pp. 636-657

• Mihm, J; J. Schlapp, 2019, Sourcing Innovation: On Feedback in Contests, Management Science, 65(2), pp.559-576

• Liu, H.; J. Mihm; M. Sosa, 2018, Where Do Stars Come From? The Role of Star versus Non-Star Collaborators in Creative Settings, Organization Science, 29(6), pp. 1149-1160

Nomination for the Carolyn Dexter Award by the TIM Division of the AOM 2013

Finalist of the Best Student Paper Award of the TIM Division of the AOM 2013 (H. Liu)

Best Paper Proceedings 2013 Annual Meeting of the AOM

• Chan, T.; J. Mihm; M. Sosa, 2018, On Styles in Product Design: An Analysis of US Design Patents, Management Science, 64(3), pp. 1230-1249

1st Prize, 2015 POMS PITM College Best Student Paper (T.Chan)

• Mihm, J.; F. Sting; T. Wang, 2015, On the Effectiveness of Patenting Strategies in Innovation Races, Management Science, 61(11), pp. 2662-2684

2016 Junior Top Article Award by the Erasmus Research Institute of Management

• Sosa, M.; J. Mihm; T. Browning, 2013, Linking Cyclicality and Product Quality, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 15(3), pp. 473-491

• Avc, B.; Z. Lout; J. Mihm; E. Belevina; S. Keck, 2013, Comparison as Incentive: Newsvendor Decisions in a Social Context, Production & Operations Management, 23(2), pp. 303-313

• Sosa, M.; J. Mihm; T. Browning, 2011, Degree Distribution and Quality in Complex Engineered Systems, ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, 133(10), pp. 101008:1-15

• Mihm, J., 2010, Incentives in New Product Development Projects and the Role of Target Costing, Management Science, 56(8), pp. 1324-1344

• Mihm, J; C. Loch; D. Wilkinson; B. Huberman, 2010, Hierarchical Structure and Search in Complex Organizations, Management Science, 56(5), pp. 831-848

• Loch, C.; J. Mihm; A. Huchzermeier, 2003, Concurrent Engineering and Design Oscillations in Complex Engineering Projects, Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications, 11(3), pp. 187-199

• Mihm, J; C. Loch; A. Huchzermeier, 2003, Problem-Solving Oscillations in Complex Engineering Projects, Management Science, 49(6), pp. 733-750

Refereed Conference Proceedings :

• Chan, T. H.; J. Mihm, M. Sosa, 2012, A Structured Approach to Identify Styles in Designs, Proceedings of the ASME 2012 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, pp. 541-550

• Sosa, M.; T. Browning; J. Mihm, 2007, Studying the Dynamics of the Architecture of Software Products, Proceedings of the ASME 2007 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, pp. 329-342

Best Paper Award nomination

Working papers :

• Chen, Z.; J. Mihm; Jochen Schlapp, 2020, Sourcing Innovation: When Is Owning a Supplier Good for Innovation?, Working Paper

• Sting, F; J. Mihm; C. Loch, 2020, Collaborative Search, Working Paper

• Schlapp, J.; J. Mihm, 2018, Optimal Stochastic Feedback in Asymmetric Dynamic Contests, Working Paper

• Salikhov, M.; P. Parker; J. Mihm; D. Popescu; N. Rudi, 2017, Accounting-based incentives can induce cyclical inventory build-ups, Working Paper

• Mihm, J; Z. Cui, 2013, Decision Making and Incentives in Multifunctional Teams, Working Paper

Books, Book Chapters and Practitioner Journals :

• Chan, T.; J. Mihm; M. sosa, When Individuals Are More Innovative Than Teams, Harvard Business Review (online), December 2019

• Browning, T.; J. Mihm; M. Sosa, Using Hubs and Cyclicality to Relate Software Architecture and Quality, CrossTalk, July/August 2015, pp. 27-31

• Sosa, M.; J. Mihm, 2008, Organization Design for New Product Development in: Loch, C. and Kavadias, S. (eds.), Handbook of New Product Development Research, Butterworth-Heinemann: Oxford, pp. 165-197

• Mihm, J; C. Loch, 2006, Spiraling out of Control: Problem Solving Dynamics in Complex Dis- tributed Engineering Projects in: Braha, D., Minai, A., Bar-Yam, Y. (eds.), Complex Engineering Systems, Springer: Heidelberg, pp. 141-157

• Mihm, J, 2003, Complexity in New Product Development: Mastering the Dynamics of Engineering Projects, Wiesbaden: DUV


Jürgen Mihm
Associate Professor of Technology and Operations Management

INSEAD Europe Campus
Boulevard de Constance (Office: 0.17)
Fontainebleau 77300 France

Tel: +33 1 60 72 44 42
Email: [email protected]

Assistant: Jennifer Vilmiaire
Email: [email protected]

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