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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the Strategy Execution Programme.

Discover more about our Distinguished Leaders of Strategy Execution.

You become so much more purposeful about your awareness of so many things, particularly of people and emotions, including yourself and your own.

Christopher Stillings, VP Global Head of Color & Design Engineering Plastics at Covestro

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You see things you haven’t seen before or that you might have taken for granted. The Strategy Execution Programme made me really rethink corporate politics, and the difficulties we all have in breaking with old strategies or old behaviours that are no longer fit for purpose.

Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, Director of Strategic Development at Telenor Maritime, Non-Executive Director at RoamsysNext

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There are all kind of hidden barriers that you need to negotiate and develop the flexibility to navigate along the way. What I learned at INSEAD are things that I still practice in my daily working life, in this regard.

Dr. Tobias Moser, CEO and Co-Owner of Fischer Spindle Group, AG

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The Strategy Execution Programme is an eye-opener. You really grasp the role of strong psychological leadership in spotting the hidden barriers to great execution, and in building collective engagement and commitment.

Badr Bouslikhane, Secretary General Morocco at Jumia

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The INSEAD Go-Live experience is the second-best learning and networking experience I know. INSEAD has created a way of distance learning that feels and works exceptional well.

Gerard van Assem, Secretary General of the Executive Board at Radboud University Nijmegen

Past participant of the Live Virtual session of Strategy Execution Programme, Nov 2020

The programme helped me put together an action-based strategy that makes full use of our business potential, and create a more enriched value proposition that clearly sets out our company’s values and features.

Dora Horjus, Executive Director of the COT Institute for Safety, Security and Crisis Management

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The structure of the Strategy Execution Programme is different: two modules with online meetings in between. The other big difference is that the INSEAD programme enabled us to work on our own plans rather than someone else’s, which makes it unique.

Tavane Gurdos, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft, Brazil

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I have done many courses together with my executive over the past 10 years. This Strategy Education Programme has had the most immediate impact and appears to have had a positive impact on the behaviours and thinking of every member of my executive.

Giam Swiegers, CEO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Australia

The programme goes to the human aspects of strategy. The ones we all somehow know of, but tend to hide or avoid. Very impactful.

Christoph Heinemann, VP – Strategy and Portfolio Management, Sanofi-Aventis, Germany

The INSEAD Strategy Execution Programme was a great experience for me. Intensive learning process with well selected business case studies, mixed with experiential exercises, conducted by great teachers and coaches in a multi-national execution team.

Kalisz Jacek, Vice President, Head of Retail Banking, Nordea Bank Polska, Poland

The programme was a hugely rewarding and stimulating experience. It enabled participants to explore various thoughts on how to improve their respective businesses. The course allowed us to step away from our everyday distractions and focus on analysing challenges through understanding the range of issues that affect the implementation of strategies in various sectors. The participants soon came to the realisation that all organisations suffer from the same concerns and strains and that there is no magical remedy. The programme tackled these issues through case studies and sharing experiences in an infectiously enthusiastic and friendly environment that was both immensely invigorating and enriching. The diversity of the participants – who brought different perspectives to similar problems – contributed to this dynamic learning environment. The quality of the course in terms of the materials and the case studies – but most importantly the faculty members and participants – made it an extraordinary experience in one of the world’s leading business schools.

Consultant, TCO Management Consulting, United Arab Emirates

The learnings were very useful and will be applicable to real business life. The international networking provided by INSEAD also brings new insights and multi-cultural knowledge, which are mandatory in a global scenario. The programme brought an entire new perspective on how emotional aspects and stakeholder engagement play a major role in the success of strategy execution.

Managing Director, South America & Sub-Saharan Africa, Danisco Brasil, Brazil

An excellent programme that gives insights on the strategy deployment process. This knowledge is vital to drive successful implementation.

Finance Director Philips Healthcare, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Russian Federation

True winners deliver their promises. I learned how to make good plans quite early in my career, although I have grasped the essence of successfully executing a strategic plan much later and still need to improve as making things happen can be extremely hard.

Rosario Stingo, Strategy & Innovation Manager, AbbVie

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